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Événements Batailles Fantastiques #sud - List of Participants

1. Benoit L.FFrejeville-Stormcast Eternalsyes
2. Jordi aka "K2NASS"Falbi-Idoneth DeepkinLa poissonnerieyes
3. Gaëtan aka "Schoubi"FToulouse244NighthauntVdTyes
4. Julien aka "JulienSud31"FLagardelle Sur Lèze-Seraphonyes
5. Guilhem aka "Gwild"FL’Union-Sons of Behematyes
6. Nicolas aka "LaRoseNoire"FLapeyrouse-fossat-Stormcast EternalsLa poissonnerieyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
7. Jérémie aka "Tamaky"FCaragoudes236Soulblight GravelordsTeam Thalosno

Distribution of Armies
Stormcast Eternals:2
Idoneth Deepkin:1
Sons of Behemat:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Garonne (31):4
Tarn (81):2
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