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Deuxième Tournoi Conquest 1500 points - List of Participants

1. Ryo aka "BrushidoRyo"FWasquehal26The W'adrhŭnVanguardsyes
2. Guillaume aka "BillyZeKid"FBezons2The City StatesIntervilleyes
3. Ronan aka "raiiden"FVauchelles-Lès-Domart46The Hundred Kingdomsyes
4. Mickael aka "Corsairmick"Fmorsang/orge46The Old DominionLes dévoués d'Hazliayes
5. (anonym)-The Hundred Kingdomsyes

Distribution of Armies
The Hundred Kingdoms:2
The City States:1
The Old Dominion:1
The W'adrhŭn:1
Distribution of Origins
Somme (80):2
Nord (59):1
Essonne (91):1
Val-d'Oise (95):1
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