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Tournoi GDA à Bourgoin-Jallieu (38) - List of Participants

1. Jean-Michel aka "vaudania"FLyon20The Elven Kingdomsno
2. Kévin aka "kromapatt"FVilleurbanne11The Dwarf Holdsno
3. Laurent aka "REDGOB"FVilleurbanne-The Misty Mountainsno
4. Hugo aka "Gimli_ami_des_elfes"FLyon9The Misty Mountainsno
5. Marc aka "Sorent"FBourg-en-Bresse15The Misty Mountainsno
6. Max aka "Celefindel"F-The Elven Kingdomsno
7. Benoît aka "Dreadaxe"FAubière2The Misty MountainsStonehengeno
8. Guy-Marc aka "GMB"FBeaumont6The Fallen RealmsStonehengeno
9. Cédric aka "Het"FClermont-Ferrand5The Misty MountainsStonehengeno
10. Maxime-Aurélien aka "Mau"FClermont-Ferrand14Gondor & ArnorStonehengeno
11. Gabriel aka "gabo"FMontmeyran-Gondor & Arnorno
12. Kevin aka "Yongar"F-The Fallen Realmsno
13. Cédric aka "Durin_IV"F-The Dwarf Holdsno

Distribution of Armies
The Misty Mountains:5
Gondor & Arnor:2
The Dwarf Holds:2
The Elven Kingdoms:2
The Fallen Realms:2
Distribution of Origins
Puy-de-Dôme (63):4
Rhône (69):3
Ain (01):1
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