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Tournoi par Equipe Fox/Improbables - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Emeric aka "Gros_steak"FRollot2DeathwatchDuo Ludis 1nono
2. Clément aka "Tarcle"FFlers1147Chaos Space MarinesL'équipe Tamponnono
3. Adrien aka "Lord_Enroth"FLouviers596Imperial Knightsles improbables - canal historiquenono
4. Anthony aka "Pask27000"FEvreux2265Astra Militarumles improbables - canal historiquenono
5. Michael aka "lordmib6"FAilly1016Genestealer Cultsles improbables - canal historiquenono
6. Benjamin aka "Voljoun"FCaen287Blood Angelsla TRIFORCEnono
7. Miguel aka "Ibikit"FIfs327Thousand Sonsla TRIFORCEnono
8. amélie aka "Meetra"FVal-De-Reuil651EldarL'équipe Tamponnono
9. Vince aka "Skilt27"FLouviers722Adeptus MechanicusL'équipe Tamponnono
10. Alexandre aka "Le_voisin"FCaen174Blood Angelsla TRIFORCEnono
11. Loïc aka "ildablood"FOuilly-du-Houley987Space WolvesBlood AxeSnono
12. Florian aka "Rowne"FBures Sur Yvette1282NecronsATTIL-AS, roi des unsnono
13. Brice aka "DrZomby"FGravigny1791TyranidsATTIL-AS, roi des unsnono
14. Ismael aka "sayents"FRouen364Death Guardpeepoodonono
15. Arthur aka "Ours-Bleu"FCaen1643Blood AngelsBlood AxeSnono
16. Simon aka "Tallomir"FVillers Sur Le Roule231Death GuardATTIL-AS, roi des unsnono

List of teams

Registered teams
1Duo Ludis 1Gros_steak
2L'équipe TamponTarcle, Meetra, Skilt27
3les improbables - canal historiqueLord_Enroth, Pask27000, lordmib6
4la TRIFORCEVoljoun, Ibikit, Le_voisin
5Blood AxeSildablood, Ours-Bleu
6ATTIL-AS, roi des unsRowne, DrZomby, Tallomir

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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