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Octopoutre 40K 2023 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Leo aka "Dark_Lagoon"FToulouse139T'au EmpireLes Gobelins sauvagesnono
2. Philippe aka "elpresidente"FPonteilla226Thousand Sonsles gobelins solitairesnono
3. Thomas aka "Asthenia30"FNîmes70Blood AngelsLegio Invictanono
4. Gabriel aka "Gabbuster"FLe Grau Du Roi-Death GuardVengeance de Mortarionnono
5. Enzo aka "Malaup"FFabrègues66YnnariLes manants des sourcesnono
6. Philippe aka "PETITLAPINROSE"FPerpignan134Grey KnightsLes Gobyzzznono
7. Jerome aka "Salty"FMontpellier2693Chaos Daemonsnono

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