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Le Hobbit Ludik I - List of Participants

1. Xavier "Xev74" VitaliFSaint Julien en Genevois63Moriayesyes
2. Thomas "Nakei1024" BisbarreFSaint Julien En Genevois-LothlórienLa Guilde Ludikyesyes
3. Tony "kassgoul" PatinFLyon44Moriayesyes
4. Maxime "Guybrush" GuillotFChaponnay45Angmaryesyes
5. Victor "kalas" SchallerFNangy89The Legions of the White HandLa Guilde Ludikyesyes
6. Kevin "spartan084" RosFFeyzin25The Tower of Ecthelionyesyes
7. Jimmy "Fourbe_Gobelin" WaquetFClaveyson55The Corsair Fleetsyesyes
8. Etienne "miro" MillonFCharancieu69Minas Tirithyesyes
9. Marc "Sorent" TheveninFBourg-en-Bresse22Moriayesyes
10. Damien "VirgoNoNeimad" GibertFLyon50Théoden's HostCommanderie des Terres Froidesyesyes
11. Christophe "cyclope06" MonardFChatillon Sur Chalaronne112Moriayesyes

Distribution of Armies
Minas Tirith:1
The Corsair Fleets:1
The Legions of the White Hand:1
The Tower of Ecthelion:1
Théoden's Host:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):4
Haute-Savoie (74):3
Ain (01):2
Drôme (26):1
Isère (38):1
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