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BàC-WING Printemps - List of Participants

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1. Stéphane aka "bombcat"FBarentin444Galactic RepublicLes chimères de la boîtenono
2. Laurent aka "Durak"FBonsecours375Rebel AllianceSi Evreux m'était jouénono
3. Jean-Philippe aka "Jphinormand"FÉvreux189Galactic RepublicSemejnono
4. Guillaume aka "Robby"Fevreux58First OrderSemejnono
5. David aka "C3PO"Fle mesnil esnard461Scum and VillainyLes chimères de la boîteyesno
6. Nicolas aka "Benhur-Marcel"FBaron-Sur-Odon169First OrderInglorious blastersnono
7. Liam aka "Grievous-Liam"FBaron-Sur-Odon356First OrderInglorious blastersnono
8. François-David aka "Ipod"FFontaine-Étoupefour31Separatist AllianceInglorious Blastersnono
9. Ethan aka "Az-Ranc"FNotre-Dame-De-Bondeville1280First Orderyesno
10. Kilian aka "ptitloup76"FRouen727Rebel AllianceLes chimères de la boîteyesno
11. (anonym)-Rebel AllianceFlying bastardsnono
12. Sylvain aka "Duc_Leto"FSainte Adresse1069Galactic EmpireFlying bastardsnono
13. Yves aka "yfyk"FSainte Adresse955Scum and VillainyFllying bastardsnono
14. Victor aka "Cpt-Soviet"FCaen197Separatist Alliancenono
15. Julien aka "ElephantBleu"FLe Havre-Rebel AllianceFlying bastardsnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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