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L'Indicible AoS 2000 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Samuel aka "Quatre_26"FCornas280Grand Alliance ChaosBinôme en solonono
2. Michel aka "MichMich26"FValence278Lumineth Realm-LordsLumineth aveuglesnono
3. Nicolas aka "natane"FValence190Daughters of KhaineL'indiciblenono
4. Laurent aka "Dweeps"FPortes Lès Valence116Slaves to DarknessIndisciblenono
5. Romain aka "kazor"FLa Voulte Sur Rhone528Grand Alliance DeathLe pecheur de sardinenono
6. Romain aka "Romanito"FVernoux-En-Vivarais471Maggotkin of NurgleArteam familynono
7. Morgan aka "Morganito"FVernoux En Vivarais719SylvanethArteam familynono
8. Franck aka "Elundara"FValence164SeraphonElundaranono
9. Gauthier aka "Rhaziel"FMeillerie132Gloomspite GitzLe sétoisnono
10. Antonin aka "Anton1"FChabeuil-Slaves to Darknessnono
11. Nicolas aka "Huanchi93"FLyon24Ogor MawtribesLa Coterie AoSnono
12. Martin aka "Esseintes"FLyon149SylvanethLa Coterie AoSnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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