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03-04Red Barons Saga 2017 [SAGA]B9000 Gent10/18
03-11Cartazimut 2017*X-wing Régional du Hainaut [XWING]B7000 Mons45/48
03-12Cartazimut 2017* Tournoi Warmachine/Hordes [WM/Ho]B7000 Mons34/34
03-12Cartazimut 2017*Régional Imperial Assault [SWIA]B7000 Mons13/16
03-12Cartazimut 2017*X-wing Moyen Epique [XWING]B7000 Mons3/20
03-12Cartazimut 2017* Tournoi Eden [EDEN]B7000 Mons7/18
03-12Second battle for Leuven [XWING]B3000 Leuven19/16
04-15Hobby One The Ninth Age Round 3 [T9A]B4500 Huy8/40
07-02Convention happy day 2 VS 2 [W40K]B7000 Mons2/60
07-01Convention happy day 1 VS 1 [W40K]B7000 Mons3/60
04-29Star Wars X-Wing AVRIL @L'Autre Monde Format classique [XWING]B4000 Liege1/16
03-25Star Wars X-Wing MARS @L'Autre Monde Format classique [XWING]B4000 Liège1/16
10-28Open Belgique Hasard Ludique Mons [EDEN]B7000 Mons7/18
03-25Hobby One Blood Bowl Saison 3 [BB]B4500 Huy2/40
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tec2017-02-14 15:31
IMPORTANT: T³ goes offline for server move - Update

To ensure the stability and reachability of T³ our technical partner is moving our server to a new data center. To complete this the server and therefore T³ has be shutdown from 15th February 22:00 until approximately 6:00 (CET). During these hours we'll be totally offline.

You can reach out on Facebook or Twitter to get updates.


* Website offline from 15th February 22:00 to 6:00 (CET) aka 4pm to 12am (EST).
* Watch Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Update: The move went fine. We're back online!
info2016-12-24 11:19
Happy Holidays!

We wish you, your friends and your families a Merry Christmas. Take a breath and relax during the holidays. We'll do this so please be a little bit more patient in the next week, if it take's us some more days to answer your mails and approve your requests.
info2016-08-08 15:32
Reduced support from 15th to 28th August

There'll be reduced support from 15th to 28th August due to vacation. We cannot check SEPA bank transfers in that time. Please use Paypal if you need a Premium account. Paypal will normally be handled automatically.

Please contact other admins than Blackhawk for your questions. Please be patient, if there's no other admin for your country available.
tec2016-04-25 15:59
Maintenance annoucement for April, 26th - Update 3

We're going to upgrade our server software tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th April). This will lead to several downtimes while the system updates. Will try to get back to normal as fast as possible.

Update: We're back online. Sorry for the downtime. Please report any issue you encounter to an admin.

Update 2: We had a little hickup on our international domain today (29th), but all should be back now.

Update 3: The over restrictive spam blocker for the mail contact form should also be back to normal.
anc2016-03-04 17:16
Reduced support until March, 15th

Due to vacation we have to annouce reduced support for D-A-CH and the US. In addtion bank transfers cannot be checked during this time. Please use Paypal if you need a Premium account. These payments are handled automatically in most cases. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
qst2016-03-02 14:35
Tournament Software Survey

Dear tournament organizers,

to get a better insight on how organizers manage their tournaments when the part isn't at T³, we kindly ask you to fill out this form and help us with the further development of T³.

Link: http://goo.gl/forms/F4WHrizZmN

Thanks in advance
Your T³ Team
tec2016-01-29 14:26
Urgent: Outlook blocking mails - Update

We're experience an issue with Hotmail/Outlook which blocks our mail server. You won't be able to receive any mails from us until this is sorted out. We're sorry about the inconveniences.

Update: After contacting Microsoft the issue seems solved. Mails are reaching Outlook/Hotmail again. Please ensure to not mark our mails as spam. Please check your spam folder if you're missing an expected mail. Report any problem you've got with unwanted mails to one of our admins.
tnt2017-02-15 16:21
BPink Horde tornooi: Part 1 - Tournament

Dag beste spelers!
Zaterdag is het zo ver, het eerste pink horde - tornooi(tje).
Vergeet zeker niet voldoende armylijsten mee te brengen.
Breng ook wat centjes mee, drinken is betalend en eten is te verkrijgen in de lokale snack-zaken.
Deelnemen is 6€ aan de deur, enkel cash en liefst gepast.
Er is een bank-automaat aan het station van Roeselare (op 5 minuutjes wandelen).

Hello dear players!

Saturday we have our first (small) pink horde-tournament.
Don't forget to bring plenty of army-lists for you and your opponents.
Also don't forget to bring some money with you, drinks aren't free and food is available in our local stores.
Participating will cost you 6€, paying at the door in cash.
There's a pin-machine near the Roeselare-train station (5 minute walk).

Tot dan!
See you then!

Guy Demeyere
Pink Horde ism Spellenclub Roeselare
tnt2017-02-07 10:53
BTroll n Roll Tournoi 40K Rudeltaktik - Modifications règlement

Dans un soucis de respect de temps pour chaque partie, les points d'armée passent de 1850 a 1750.
tnt2017-02-06 00:18
BHunt for the golden pipe - Full Strategy and Schemes announcement

Hi guys and girls,

The full Strategy and Schemes for the tournament are available, check the ruleset and start plotting your way to victory!

tnt2017-02-02 16:38
BTroll n Roll Tournoi 40K Blitzkrieg - FAQ

Ajout de deux questions dans la FAQ pour la mission 4. Voir le réglement.
tnt2017-01-30 14:03
BTroll n Roll Tournoi 40K Blitzkrieg - Listes

Voici la liste des armées pour le tournoi.
Listes validées.
tnt2017-01-30 13:56
BTroll n Roll Tournoi 40K Blitzkrieg - Modifications des récompenses

2 prix de 5 euro sont ajoutés par notre partenaire Multitech.
Ainsi la place de 4ème et la plus belle armée se verront récompensées de 5 euro chacune.

1er : 30 euro de bon d’achat
2ème : 20 euro de bon d’achat
3ème : 10 euro de bon d’achat
4ème place : 5 euro de bon d'achat
Plus belle armée peinte : 5 euro de bon d'achat
Dernier : participation gratuite au prochain tournoi ou prolongation de la carte de membres de 3 mois.
(bon d’achat du magasin multitech, échangeable pour les personnes habitant a plus de 80Km de arlon)
tnt2017-01-14 18:18
BReplay's Daring Dueling Duos 2017 - rulespack online

find it here :

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