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08-02Campagne à la campagne 6 [WHFB]F67110 Gundershoffen13/16
08-02Tournoi des Trolls [WHFB]F75006 Paris38/20
08-02Warmachine et Hordes Ukronium 1828 Août 2014 [WM/Ho]F69007 Lyon2/12
08-02Meisia tournoi 02/08/2014 [XWING]F75010 Paris12/12
08-02La Nocturne de Villeneuve [WHFB]F34750 Villeneuve-Lès-Maguelone21/24
08-02Nocturne de Villeneuve - Patrouilles 40k [W40K]F34750 Villeneuve-Lès-Maguelone7/24
08-02Tournoi Ain Temps de Jeux [XWING]F01000 Bourg-En-Bresse2/12
11-08Codex Lugundum 2014 (Warmaster) [Warm]F69008 Lyon8
11-08Codex Lugundum 2014 (Epic Armageddon) [EA]F69008 Lyon12
09-28Tournoi Infinity Nord Stratégie " A l'assaut de Bruay" [Inf]F59860 Bruay-Sur-Escaut1/12
05-23Team ETC France II [WHFB]F17360 Saint Aigulin9/96
12-07IRON FIST II [WM/Ho]F53810 Change14/40
11-08La table des gobelins tourangeaux II [WHFB]F37300 Joué Les Tours40
09-28Imperium Club 40K Solo 2014 [W40K]F25700 Valentigney3/18
The latest newsThe latest tournament news
anc2014-07-29 17:10
The European Team Chamionship 2014

The biggest event in the European tabletop scene is nomore than two weeks away. Teams from all over the world will battle for the ultimate crown of wargaming. We updated our ETC page with the current state of participants. We'll updated it with all data we can gather.

* ETC on T³
* Official webpage
* Official forums
anc2014-06-02 20:33
[SPONSORED POST] Special offer from our new partner Gamemat.eu

Our new partner Gamemat.eu, producer of wargaming mats (G-mats) would like to offer a special opportunity for T³ registered gaming clubs, tournament organizers and members.

For purchase of every gaming mat (G-mat) they offer 5% discount, if you're a T³ member.

In case you're interested in more than 5 pieces (for example for your gaming club or tournament) they will prepare a special deal for you, which would mean even more better pricing for you (based on individual consultations).

In case you are interested in their offer, please contact them by email at gamemat.eu@gmail.com prior to your purchase.

E-shop website: http://www.gamemat.eu/6x4-g-mats.html
Pictures from tournaments and actual games played: https://www.flickr.com/photos/117963137@N08/

G-mats specifics:
- size 72x48” (6x4 feet)
- rubber base (anti slip)
- high quality amazing graphics on top (waterproof)
- easily rolled, ready for play anytime
- comes in 3 designs: Meadows of War, Mayhem Square and Battleground
- professionally designed
tec2014-04-11 15:37
FIssues with free.fr mails - Update 2

We got reports that users with mail accounts hosted by free.fr are missing mails sent by T³. We investigated the issue and found out that the T³ mail server got blacklisted by free.fr for causing too many "errors". Thereby they don't mean spam, but more technical issues like trying to reach invalid mail recipients. According to our logs this started 4 weeks ago. Due to the fact how mail delivery works the mails aren't lost. They are pending in the mail queue and our server retries the delivery, but free.fr blocks our server every 24 hours again. It maybe that the retries cause the re-blocking, so we maybe have to trash the pending mails.

We dug deep into the logs, but couldn't find any real technical reason for this to happen yet. The mail server has a good reputation in general and is not listed on any major spam blacklist.

We'll continue to solve this issue and can only ask to ensure you're using a valid mail address on T³ and maybe use another mail provider instead of free.fr.

After furthing log evaluations we can say that the problem exists for 4 weeks. We also found an issue with our newsletter system being open to some abuse, but we fixed this. We also dropped the mail queue to be sure that no "bad" mails are pending. Unfortunately we still cannot deliver mails to free.fr as they are still blocking (all valid) requests from our mail server. We contacted their support asking for assistance. There's noting more we can do at the moment. Please change your mail address, if you depend on receiving our mails. We're sorry for this inconvenience.

Update 2:
It seems that free.fr finally unblocked us some days ago.
func2014-03-06 17:29
New awesome tournament and club maps

We just released our first major update for this year and replaced our complete map/geo system. Although it was working fine over the years it had two massive downsides: it required to host our own geographical database and it was based on a really ancient code library. While the latter can be handled the database stuff prevented us from easily supporting new countries... and we didn't want to tell the people "Yeah we could support your country, but our database/code doesn't like you." anymore.

With the web being way more open and free than 10 years ago, we based the new maps on great webservices and powerfull open source libraries. So we now have a clickable, touchable, zoomable, draggable map which isn't limited to a specific country anymore. If you live near a border, you'll now easily see tournaments nearby. The geocoding (aka getting coordinates for a given address) is now handled by MapQuest, the map rendering and handling is powered by Leaflet and the map data is served from OpenStreetMap. Thanks to those great people.

This is a first step to become more international, but there's still a lot of work ahead. Besides tweaking the new maps, we'll have to look into replacing the player maps, which take some more time, as we cannot just put 20.000+ markers on the map.

Now enjoy the new maps for tournaments and clubs and please report any issues you encounter.
awd2014-02-15 16:38
Tournament Awards 2013

We finally managed to sort out the tournament awards 2013 and added 31 shiny awards to the database. Congratulations to all the organizers of those great events and sorry to those, who had awesome tournaments, too, but which couldn't be tracked down by our poor math gnomes. We're sure that word of mouth will do its part.

To the awards...
game2014-01-16 20:49
Game updates: The Hobbit and Wild West Exodus

We just updated our game database. First we added the crowdfunded Wild West Exodus. Second we finally updated Lord of the Rings to become The Hobbit.

Wild West Exodus was crowdfunded on Kickstarter on March 19, 2013 and is the first game by Outlaw Miniatures. It's taking place in a unique Sci-Fi-Western scenario and features its own skirmish gaming techniques. Anybody remembering Marshall BraveStarr will know how it looks. ;-)

Games Workshop decided to move "The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game" into the "The Hobbit" world. We finally managed to take care of those changes. As it's not only a simple renaming, but also linked to changes in the supported factions, we decided to split the game into two army groups. One for each rule set. New tournaments added for "LotR/Hobbit" can choose what army selection should be applied. All existing past tournaments are now mapped to be the old LotR. The upcoming existing ones are set to what we could gather from their description. Organizers can change it, but have to take care of the changed armies for the signups.

In addition we tried to map all existing armies in the user profiles to the new Hobbit versions. So most LotR players now have a bunch of Hobbit armies in their profile. Everybody can simply update this selection in their account.

* The Hobbit on T³
* Official Hobbit website
* Wild West Exodus on T³
* Official WWX website
* WWX Kickstarter
func2013-12-04 15:57
Management of user games improved

With the number of supported tabletops passing the 100 some time ago, we finally took the time to give the user games page a major update. It has been reworked from scratch with a user friendly and more visual approach while concentrating on the games you own. We also try to help you discover new games based on what is popular on T³ and among your friends or just the newest additions to our database.

As the update introduced a complete new backend code, some unexpected issues may still occur. Please report any problem you encounter, so that we can fix it. We're also eager to get your overall feedback or ideas, how we could improve the page further.

You can reach your games page through your "Account → Your T³ options".
tnt2014-07-20 18:47
FLTC40K 2014 - Validité des pré-inscriptions

My bad,

Je me suis rendu compte que j'avais calibré une date de validité pour les pré-inscriptions à 90 jours à l'insu de mon plein gré !
Que les personnes qui sont sorties de la liste des pré-inscrits ces jours-ci veuillent bien me pardonner, je ne les ai pas virées, c'est une erreur de renseignement des "données du tournoi".

N'hésitez pas bien entendu à vous ré-inscrire ! Et pensez à envoyer vos listes, on va tâcher de profiter de l'été pour vérifier tout ça ;)

Bonnes vacances à ceux qui ne les ont pas encore prises.
tnt2014-07-19 17:39
FGRILLades III, le retour du hobby - pions objos : piqûre de rappel !

Eh oui, n'oubliez pas vos pions objos, réalisés avec vos petites mains potelées, sinoooooonnn.........
tnt2014-07-15 13:39
FWarhammer Battle Ukronium 1828 Juillet 2014 - Inscription

L'inscription à ce tournoi est gratuite, mais pour passer du statut de "pré-inscrit" à "inscrit", nous devons recevoir votre liste d'armée.
tnt2014-07-15 13:38
FWarhammer Battle Ukronium 1828 Juillet 2014 - Précisions

Le tournoi se déroulera uniquement sur le samedi.
Tournoi en 3 rondes, les 2 premières classique (rondes suisse), pour la dernière, 2 équipes de 5 joueurs chacune seront composée aléatoirement, et devrons s'affronter l'une l'autre sur une table de 3.6 mètres de large.

Les personnages spéciaux sont bien évidemment acceptés.
tnt2014-07-15 13:38
FC3F'un 40k - Le réglement est en ligne


- Le règlement est maintenant dispo, en espérant qu'il satisfera au mieux vos attentes. Aranud, Aldebaran et moi-même sommes dispo pour toutes question, éclaircissement, propositions.
- N'oublier pas que c'est notre 1 er tournoi, qui plus est, en V7, alors soyez indulgent... :)

Seii, Aranud, Aldebaran.
tnt2014-07-15 13:30
FWarmachine et Hordes Ukronium 1828 Août 2014 - Figurines non peintes

Avis à ceux qui joueraient avec des figurines non peintes, vous avez cependant l'obligation de marquer les arcs avants de vos figurines.
tnt2014-07-07 18:36
FLe Tournoi des Guerriers Furieux - date limite inscriptions

La date limite des inscriptions est repoussée au mercredi 9 juillet minuit
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