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04-30MGWA No limit 2016 [W40K]F95000 Cergy52/48
04-30Les rixes joviales [W40K]F03000 Moulins32/36
04-301er tournoi Kings of War de la GUILD [KoW]F33170 Gradignan11/14
04-30HSBC - The 9th Age [FBNA]F59650 Villeneuve D'ascq27/20
04-30Warma'roilles Goes Wild (@Gnomes et Associés) [WM/Ho]F59229 Téteghem27/48
04-30Kings of Tavern 1 [KoW]F75006 Paris3/16
04-30Printemps breton pour Alkemy [Alk]F35170 Bruz29/30
05-29Tournoi Star Wars X-Wing à La Crypte du jeu (29 mai) [XWING]F13006 Marseille0/18
05-291 ère Tournoi EDEN good game [EDEN]F06000 Nice2/18
07-23Ludofolies Xwing Tournament [XWING]F29700 Pluguffan34
05-22X-wing Printemps en Normandie [XWING]F76100 Rouen4/18
06-05Journée Eden de Moncheaux [EDEN]F59283 Moncheaux6/18
06-04OPEN DU SUD 2016 [EDEN]F30330 Corconne11/40
05-05Iron Cup [GB]F75006 Paris8/16
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tec2016-04-25 15:59
Maintenance annoucement for April, 26th - Update 1

We're going to upgrade our server software tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th April). This will lead to several downtimes while the system updates. Will try to get back to normal as fast as possible.

Update: We're back online. Sorry for the downtime. Please report any issue you encounter to an admin.
anc2016-03-04 17:16
Reduced support until March, 15th

Due to vacation we have to annouce reduced support for D-A-CH and the US. In addtion bank transfers cannot be checked during this time. Please use Paypal if you need a Premium account. These payments are handled automatically in most cases. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
qst2016-03-02 14:35
Tournament Software Survey

Dear tournament organizers,

to get a better insight on how organizers manage their tournaments when the part isn't at T³, we kindly ask you to fill out this form and help us with the further development of T³.

Link: http://goo.gl/forms/F4WHrizZmN

Thanks in advance
Your T³ Team
tec2016-01-29 14:26
Urgent: Outlook blocking mails - Update

We're experience an issue with Hotmail/Outlook which blocks our mail server. You won't be able to receive any mails from us until this is sorted out. We're sorry about the inconveniences.

Update: After contacting Microsoft the issue seems solved. Mails are reaching Outlook/Hotmail again. Please ensure to not mark our mails as spam. Please check your spam folder if you're missing an expected mail. Report any problem you've got with unwanted mails to one of our admins.
awd2016-01-20 16:00
Tournament Awards 2015

We just did the math for the tournament awards 2015. We congratulate all organizers on those and we're happy that so many players could visit such great events.

The awards also showed up the changes in the tabletop gaming community. Games Workshop's changes in the Warhammer world and the rise of X-Wing can be seen in our global awards, too. Whilst Warhammer 8th could get 11 awards in 2014 this dropped down to 6. X-Wing on the other hand went up to gather 6 awards compared to 1 in the prior year. While Warhammer and WarmaHordes stick around we got awards for Malifaux and The Hobbit. The number of total awards (without BIG) was 23 in 2015 compared to one more in 2014. We're exited to see what impact the 9th Age will have this year.

* Tournament Awards 2015
* List of tabletops on T³
game2015-12-04 15:00
Warhammer and The 9th Age

A lot of you may have noticed this already: Whilst Games Workshiop has started the Age of Sigmar a lot of Warhammer fans, fans who like fantasy styled rank and file battles, don't like the new direction. Some groups of real enthusiasts started to work on their own rules. Although there are several custom rule packs for the old 8th Edition of Warhammer nowadays, one group has gone straight through the roof: Instead of modifying the rules, they basically started from scratch and they started the 9th Age of Warhammer gaming. To be on the safe side they dropped any names GW has copyrighted. With its custom lore the game is now known as "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age".

Therefore you can find the game under this name as a separate entry on T³. If you're running a Warhammer event with the 9th Age rules, be sure to choose the proper game system or contact an admin and ask to change it for you. All registrations will be mapped to the new army choices in this process.

* The official 9th Age website
* The 9th Age on T³
func2015-10-29 15:58
New games overview page

Today we're happy to annouce that we gave the games overview page a complete overhaul. With the latest addition, the popular fantasy football game Guild Ball from Kickstarter, we reached number 142 in our database. That's a really big list of games to choose from and the old boring list of tabletop names wasn't that helpfull...

... so say "Hello!" to the new games overview page. Besides from its great look, it offers a whole bunch of new features:

* Several methods to sort the games, e.g. show the newest or most popular ones
* Several methods to filter the games, e.g. show the ones played by your friends or of upcoming tournaments
* Default sort is based on multiple criterias to offer an awesome overview of all games

>>> To the games overview
tnt2016-04-20 10:20
FINTER REGION WARHAMMER 40.000 (IR40K) - Recrutement d'abitres jeu et d'arbitres peinture

Salut a tous, comme l'an dernier j'ouvre les candidatures pour des postes d'arbitres jeu et d'arbitres peinture.

Une expérience est souhaitée mais pour la peinture on ne demande pas que vous ayez un gros niveau, pour le jeu par contre, la connaissance des regles et du milieu des tournois est exigée.

Vous pouvez me contacter ici, par mail ou par MP!

Vous serez hébergé chez l'habitant et nourri gracieusement. Vous porterez un magnifique t-shirt rouge et vous serez adulé par vos pairs^^

Aller soyez pas timides,
tnt2016-04-16 18:54
FBataille du système Ukro - Kit de tournoi

Salut les pilotes!

Je viens d'être informé que le kit de tournoi ne sera pas disponible pour le tournoi car la boutique ne l'a pas reçu. Je suis vraiment désolé de la gêne que cela peut occasionner pour certains mais la totalité du paf sera renverse en lots et bon d'achat.

Je vous rappelle aussi que pendant le tournoi vous aurez une réduction de 15% sur l'ensemble de la gamme Star Wars: X-Wing


Don Lizardo
tnt2016-04-16 08:47
FChampionnat Régional Sud Ouest Armada 2016 - WE Star Wars Voie du Thalos 25-26 Juin

La voie du Thalos et l'association Wowaga vous proposent de participer à un WE autour des jeux Star Wars: Armada, X-Wing et Imperial Assault.
La nocturne du Thalos se déroulera aussi sur place le samedi soir.

Plus d'information à venir....
tnt2016-04-16 08:40
FChampionnat Régional Sud Ouest Armada 2016 - Reglement dispo

Tout beau tout frais !
tnt2016-04-16 08:30
FArmada - Forges Three - Le reglement est arrivé !

Tout est dit !
tnt2016-04-14 21:23
FBataille du système Ukro - Changement horaire

Bonjour les pilotes!

Pour privilégier la participation des autres joueurs au tournoi on a décider de changer les horaires et l'organisation de rondes.

On vous attends donc ce dimanche à partir de midi à Ukronium 1828.


tnt2016-04-13 11:26
FPrintemps breton pour Alkemy - Changement de salle

Bonjour à tous,

un léger changement de disposition, en effet nous avons été transféré à l'espace Vau Gaillard situé sur l'Avenue Alphonse Legault toujours.

Merci d'en prendre note et à bientôt !
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