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todayIron Night IV [WM/Ho]F75006 Paris4/18
10-10GDL 6 : biduotournoi par équipe de doubles en paires [W40K]F94200 Ivry Sur Seine53/56
10-10Meisia 10/10 [XWING]F75010 Paris6/12
10-10Dogfight escalation déclic ludik oct. [XWING]F38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu12/12
10-10Tournois Briskars [Brisk]F18000 Bourges4/16
10-10Tournoi X-Wing d'Uchronies 10 Octobre [XWING]F75015 Paris15/10
10-11WAGH & LUG in team [W40K]F76210 Bolbec24/24
11-28[NANTES] tournoi x-wing de novembre [XWING]F44200 Nantes4/14
11-01Les As X Wing de Rouen 2015 [XWING]F76100 Rouen1/20
11-15Ier tournoi KoW d'Yggdrasil [KoW]F59265 Aubigny-Au-Bac0/52
11-15Tournoi en équipe format Epique [XWING]F37000 Tours0/12
01-24Kings of LTC [KoW]F09100 La Tour Du Crieu9/12
01-17MWF : Waaagh Tournament - 3 CPM - Première édition [W40K]F75006 Paris6/24
12-20MWF : Waaagh Tournament - par équipe - No limit - 1850 pts - I [W40K]F75006 Paris0/30
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tec2015-09-24 17:11
T³ goes SSL

Here at T³ we take the security of your data serious. Therefore we're now offering SSL encoded access to the entire webpage. Just type https instead of http into your browser's address bar. Modern browsers will remember your decision after your first SSL secured visit and redirect you to the SSL page when you're visiting us through an unsecured link.

A lock icon in your browser's address bar will inform you about the active encryption. The exact look depends on your browser. We're using the best SSL standards available to us and SSL Labs rates us with an A+. Please contact an admin, if you encounter any issues.

We'll stick for optional SSL usage for a while, before we enforce it for all our visitors.
info2015-08-19 16:57
ETC 2015 results added

We just added the ETC 2015 results to our database. We've got results for each round for Warhammer and 40K and the final standings for Flames of War. Congratulations to each nation for their success and especially to Germany for the overall victory this year.

* ETC 2015
* ETC 2015 - Warhammer
* ETC 2015 - Warhammer 40K
* ETC 2015 - Flames of War
anc2015-07-29 15:23
Reduced support until mid August

It's vacation time. There'll be reduced support from August 2nd until August 16th. Please be patient and don't send multiple mails for the same issue, if you don't get a reply within our usual response time. We'll get things done as soon as possible. Support may vary depending on your country.

If you need your tournament approved before mid August, be sure to register it in the next days. If you need a Premium account, be sure to choose Paypal. Bank transfers won't be checked in the next 2 weeks. If you upgrade your membership and your tournament still shows a limit, run the "Change tournament data" form in the organizer panel once. This will check the Premium state for the event.
game2015-07-03 09:31
Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Update

Just a short note: Depending on what Games Workshop will release in the next days on Warhammer and Age of Sigmar, we'll split those into two separate game system. Please give us a couple of days to react on those ground breaking changes.

Update: We just added Warhammer Age of Sigmar as a new game system. Based on the preview rules this was the best decision we could make. We'll keep an eye on the topic.
disc2015-03-03 15:56
State of T³ and feedback request

As there are more and more requests about the state of the page's state and development, I'd like to share some insights on this topic.

Premium is running okayish. It pays the website's bills and allows me to spend enough time to keep the support running. Nobody is getting rich here. I'm really thankfull for all the organizers out there willing to pay for a real service they get.

The Future is filled with work. The current code base is really ancient and is simply nomore good for new features. I tweaked some minor improvements into the page, but nothing more. For the last 2 months I started working on a complete redesign and recoding of the website. I'm pretty sure that you can imagine redoing over 10 years of work can take more than 2 months. Due to me being a self-employed developer I can only work partly on this and sooner or later I've to go back to regular customer projects. So don't expect any wonderous updates soon. It's like repainting 20.000 points of Orcs and Goblins.

Now we'd like to collect Your Feedback. Therefore we've added this friendly guy sitting on the right side of the page awaiting your feedback and ideas. Just click him and share your ideas. Posting in English or German is preferred. We already have plenty of stuff we're looking into, but now it's your chance to get involved into the future of T³.
awd2015-02-12 14:37
Tournament Awards 2014

It's this time of the year again... we just did the math and awarded the best tournaments of the tournament year 2014. The numbers are really close and there are a lot of great tournaments on the follow-up positions.

Congratulations to the awarded organizers. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good and work.

To the list of awards...
info2015-01-14 15:46
VAT update for customers from the EU

On 1st January 2015 a new VAT law came into place regarding the handling of electronically supplied services. As Althaus.IT - the one man company behind T³ - is located in Germany we had to update some stuff to confirm with the new requirements. The primary change is that we now have to take the VAT from the customer's country into account instead using the German VAT for all orders.

We now have to differ four types of customers:

1) All German customer will be taxed the 19% like before.
2) Private customers from an EU country will be taxed the VAT from their country.
3) Business customers (with a valid VATIN) from the EU will get the Premium price reduced by the VAT from their country.
4) All other customers will be charged the regular price just without any tax.

Due to the fact that we don't want to change our pricings, we're going to take the tax changes on our end. This means that we're simply going to earn less as the average VAT in the T³ countries is higher than the German one.

All invoices will include the correct tax. Please report any issues as soon as possible back to us. In addition we're updated our PayPal integration to reflect the used tax in their checkout process.
tnt2015-10-08 17:11
FGrand Tournoi du Sud IV - Hébergement CIS

bonjours à tous,

je suis au regret de vous informer que nous ne disposons plus du CIS ( hébergement sur place ) à la MJC de Carcassonne. L'équipe organisatrice fait son maximum pour que nous puissions disposer d'une dérogation. Néanmoins, pour l'heure, il n'y a pas d'hébergement possible à la MJC .

Organisatrice GTS
tnt2015-10-06 23:10
FGrand Tournoi du Sud IV - Le règlement est en ligne!

Bonsoir à tous!

Suite à quelques soucis de salle, nous pouvons enfin mettre le règlement en ligne et lancer les inscriptions :)
Toutefois, notre nouvelle salle récemment trouvée ne nous permettra d’accueillir que 8 équipes, soit 48 joueurs. Nous vous présentons toutes nos excuses pour le retard et les désagréments engendrés.

A vous de jouer!
tnt2015-10-05 22:23
FTournoi ORM - 5ème édition - Infos, chèques et listes

Le déroulement des parties scénarisées est disponible.
Envoyez votre liste d'armée dès maintenant (en cliquant sur "Contact") !

Et pour le chèque d'inscription, c'est à l'ordre de "Ost de Rueil-Malmaison", et à envoyer à l'adresse suivante :
8 rue Sophie Rodrigues
92 500 Rueil-Malmaison

À bientôt
tnt2015-10-05 22:13
FTournoi ORM - 5ème édition - Récap des restrictions d'armée pour le tournoi

Petit récapitulatif pour vérifier la validité de son armée avant de m'envoyer la liste

À l’échelle de l'armée, il faut respecter :
° La limite des 500 points
° Le nombre mini et maxi de figurines
° Les autres limitations (les monstres par ex)
° Le choix d’un grand ensemble de la Terre du Milieu
° Le choix d’un général

Au niveau de chaque contingent allié, respecter :
° Les figurines disponibles
° La règle du 1 héros pour 12 suivants
° La limitation de tireurs (1/3 des guerriers – sauf règle spéciale – sans compter les héros)
tnt2015-10-05 19:17
FWOG2BURN 3 - inscription

Pensez a ne pas tarder pour vos listes et réglements qui sont les seul garants de votre inscription.
tnt2015-10-04 23:37
FOctogone 2015 - 40k - les résultats !

et voila les résultats sont dispo!

sont indiqués votre total par équipe et la note de peinture individuelle.

merci à tous pour votre participation et votre bonne humeur.
pensez à nous laisser une petite évaluation!

à bientôt.

les chats geeks.
tnt2015-10-03 16:28
FCOUBRON URBAIN IX - Scénarios et appariement en ligne

Les scénarios:

et les appariements:

A dimanche, qu'on s'enmanche!
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