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01-31D2 Nord - qualif ETC [W40K]F91080 Courcouronnes63/64
01-31MGWA par équipe 2x1000 [W40K]F95000 Cergy59/48
01-31Stonehenge Infinity Meeting [Inf]F63360 Gerzat13/16
01-31WAVRIN 2015 LUCHA LIBRE! [WHFB]F59136 Wavrin13/60
01-31[Wavrin 2015] LUCHA LIBRE ! epic [EA]F59136 Wavrin9/18
01-31Tournoi Eden Ouvre Boites [EDEN]F34430 Saint Jean De Vedas4/12
01-31Ligue 40K des Forges de Lumière 2014.5 / 4 [W40K]F31320 Castanet Tolosan14/16
03-07La Waaagh-Store Championship 2015 [XWING]F75006 Paris0/32
04-18Pâques à Joinville [WHFB]F94340 Joinville Le Pont9/20
04-04Qualificatifs Inter-régions Midi-Pyrénées [W40K]F09100 La Tour Du Crieu7/18
03-15Tournoi du FCL [W40K]F67150 Limersheim0/30
02-07Ligue Warhammer aux Forges - 4 [WHFB]F31320 Castanet Tolosan2/16
05-16Pl'asso Jeux TagTeam [W40K]F78620 L'étang-La-Ville2/24
02-22Malifaux en février [MF]F69007 Lyon1/12
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info2015-01-14 15:46
VAT update for customers from the EU

On 1st January 2015 a new VAT law came into place regarding the handling of electronically supplied services. As Althaus.IT - the one man company behind T³ - is located in Germany we had to update some stuff to confirm with the new requirements. The primary change is that we now have to take the VAT from the customer's country into account instead using the German VAT for all orders.

We now have to differ four types of customers:

1) All German customer will be taxed the 19% like before.
2) Private customers from an EU country will be taxed the VAT from their country.
3) Business customers (with a valid VATIN) from the EU will get the Premium price reduced by the VAT from their country.
4) All other customers will be charged the regular price just without any tax.

Due to the fact that we don't want to change our pricings, we're going to take the tax changes on our end. This means that we're simply going to earn less as the average VAT in the T³ countries is higher than the German one.

All invoices will include the correct tax. Please report any issues as soon as possible back to us. In addition we're updated our PayPal integration to reflect the used tax in their checkout process.
info2014-12-24 11:50
Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho... we wish all our gamers and their families a Merry Christmas and some wonderfull days. We hope you've got lots of shiny metal and freshly made plastic miniatures under the Christmas tree so that you keep visiting us to see what you can do with your new stuff.

Be aware that the T³ team will be a little less responsive over the holidays. So please be patient with your requests. We'll try to take care of open issues every now and than. We'll be back to usual business at 5th January, 2015.

Happy holidays!
anc2014-11-05 14:40
T³ now supports Italy

We're very proud to annouce the immediate availability of T³ in Italy. With this step you can now travel to tournaments from France to Poland and from Germany to Italy. There aren't that much tournaments in the Italian calendar yet, but we're eager to make this change. So if you're from Italy or have Italien gamer friends, tell them to have a look and come along.

As a start there's a first Warhammer 40K ranking based on results of the last months.

The Italian page will be managed by Aresius and TLB. They also manage the rankings.
tec2014-09-05 17:11
Issues with newsletter fixed

We had some issues with the processing of the latest newsletters, where - depending on your subscription settings - the newsletter was cut off in the middle of the ended tournaments listing. This shouldn't happen again. In addition we finally added the extracting of links used in news. Those shouldn't vanish anymore.
info2014-08-11 18:23
ETC 2014 - The results - Update

The ETC has ended. After a weekend of wargaming power we've got the ETC winners 2014:

1. Sweden
2. Poland
3. Greece

Warhammer 40K:
1. Poland
2. Germany
3. England

Flames of War:
1. Poland
2. Germany
3. United States

We've added those first placements to our ETC page and updated our all-time medal table. We'll add full standings and more details as soon as they get publicated by the organizers (in a usable format).

To the ETC page...

We just added the complete final standings for each event. We're preparing the detail results for each round for the next update.
anc2014-07-29 17:10
The European Team Chamionship 2014

The biggest event in the European tabletop scene is nomore than two weeks away. Teams from all over the world will battle for the ultimate crown of wargaming. We updated our ETC page with the current state of participants. We'll updated it with all data we can gather.

* ETC on T³
* Official webpage
* Official forums
anc2014-06-02 20:33
[SPONSORED POST] Special offer from our new partner Gamemat.eu

Our new partner Gamemat.eu, producer of wargaming mats (G-mats) would like to offer a special opportunity for T³ registered gaming clubs, tournament organizers and members.

For purchase of every gaming mat (G-mat) they offer 5% discount, if you're a T³ member.

In case you're interested in more than 5 pieces (for example for your gaming club or tournament) they will prepare a special deal for you, which would mean even more better pricing for you (based on individual consultations).

In case you are interested in their offer, please contact them by email at gamemat.eu@gmail.com prior to your purchase.

E-shop website: http://www.gamemat.eu/6x4-g-mats.html
Pictures from tournaments and actual games played: https://www.flickr.com/photos/117963137@N08/

G-mats specifics:
- size 72x48” (6x4 feet)
- rubber base (anti slip)
- high quality amazing graphics on top (waterproof)
- easily rolled, ready for play anytime
- comes in 3 designs: Meadows of War, Mayhem Square and Battleground
- professionally designed
tnt2015-01-21 07:32
FQualificatif Inter-région Aquitaine - tournoi qualificatif inter région Aquitaine

le qualificatif pour l inter région en Aquitaine se déroulera avec le même règlement que l'inter région de Châteauroux. toutefois pour la réalisation des listes, le cpm retenu sera celui qui sera a jour en date du 28/02/15.
les listes seront a poster pour le 13 Mars 20h00 sur le site

Toutes informations complémentaires sur le forum ci dessus

tnt2015-01-20 16:55
FLa Guerre du Beugleur format ETC - Utilisation du draft 2

Salut nous allons utiliser le draft 2 pour mon tournoi au niveau des armées, je vais le mettre à jour dans la partie déroulement et le traduire.
Cela arrive au plus vite.
Votre Beugleur
tnt2015-01-20 14:49
FGrimoire livre IX - Règles en ligne

Bonne années à tous (il n'est jamais trop tard )

Le règlement pour le tournoi Warhammer 40k du livre IX de Grimoire est à présent en ligne. Régalez-vous ! :)
tnt2015-01-16 14:04
FInter-Régions 40k - Avis aux equipes!


à l'heure actuelle 22 équipes ont désigné un de leur membre pour me contacter et m'affirmer leur motivation à participer à l'inter-région 40k. Il y a 36 équipes inscrites.

Certaines régions alignent plusieurs équipes incomplètes sans que je ne reçoive aucun mail. C'est fort dommageable et je vous invite si vous ne l'avez pas encore fait mais que vous souhaitez participer pour une région, à me contacter sur latourdesgriffons@orange.fr ou a vous mettre en contact ensemble afin de monter une équipe complète (et me tenir au courant).

Enfin j'invite les équipes complètes mais n'ayant pas tous leurs membres inscrits sur t3 à le faire avant fin janvier afin d'éclaircir les choses.

Merci a vous tous pour votre motivation, je vous joins l'adresse du site internet dédié pour clore cette news :

tnt2015-01-13 22:01
FGame of Trolls - Place limitée

Que 16 places à cause d'un tournoi xwing
tnt2015-01-13 18:47
FGame of Trolls - Place limitée

Que 16 places à cause d'un tournoi xwing
tnt2015-01-11 23:27
FGame of Trolls - Unités END OF TIME


les unités End of Time comme les nouveaux rats ogres, les morghast, et autres sont autorisées.
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