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La tour de Babelben - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Rodéric aka "MiniVect"FFleury-Les-Aubrais87DrukhariSud Unitedno
2. Yoann aka "yolu"FPort La Nouvelle78Imperial KnightsSud Unitedno
3. François aka "MardollTar"FMontgiscard933DrukhariSons of chocolatineno
4. Pierre-Charles aka "PcM"FToulouse731Death GuardLaunagamersno
5. Pierric aka "YunaE"FPerpignan-DrukhariSud Unitedno
6. Julien aka "Bubu"FToulouse-The InquisitionMachomen'sno
7. Rémy aka "Final64"FPau32Space Marinespyrénée wargameno
8. (anonym)-T'au Empireguiguifocno
9. Greg aka "KAISER81"FAlbi370Astra MilitarumGood Day to killno
10. Michaël aka "SergentBILKO"FPau77TyranidsMétal Corpsno
11. Ronan aka "Gald"FCugnaux636Dark AngelsSemi-Croustillantno
12. Armand aka "Kantor81"FCastres709Chaos Space MarinesLa Voie du Thalosno
13. Olivier aka "levigan4"FVilleurbanne1940The InquisitionLes gardiens de la galaxieno
14. Laurent aka "KTA31"FToulouse648NecronsLaunagamersno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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