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Tournament details

2 NT 

WCE Saison 4- Wind of the North- Conquest TLAOK

Name:WCE Saison 4- Wind of the North- Conquest TLAOK
Gamesystem:Conquest - The Last Argument of Kings
Organizer:BrushidoRyo (Contact)
Address:13 Boulevard Vauban
80100 Abbeville
Hitchhiker offers:There are no Hitchhiker Offer at the momemt.
Start: 2025-01-25 09:00
End: 2025-01-26 18:00
Download ICS-Date: Download the date as an ICS-file...
Seats: 18
Charge: 40 EUR
Description:Tournoi standard en 2000pts dans le cadre de la saison 4 "Road to Chios" afin de gagner des points pour obtenir sa place pour les championnats du monde de Conquest.

Tournoi en minimum 4 rondes, dépendra de l'affluence.

Standard 2000pts tournament as part of season 4 "Road to Chios" to earn points towards a place in the Conquest World Championships.

Minimum of 4 rounds, depending on attendance.

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