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Falconer Launch Event - List of Participants

1. Bertrand aka "Tsuki"FSaint Etienne86Farmer's GuildC3F MFno
2. Marc aka "Marco_C3F"FSaint Etienne97Engineer's GuildC3F MFno
3. Julien aka "Duncan-Goupil"FSaint Etienne6Ratcatcher's GuildChocapicno
4. Pierre aka "Zoulrak"FSaint-Étienne126The Unionno
5. Julien aka "lantry"FMetz-Mortician's Guildno

Distribution of Armies
Engineer's Guild:1
Farmer's Guild:1
Mortician's Guild:1
Ratcatcher's Guild:1
The Union:1
Distribution of Origins
Loire (42):4
Moselle (57):1
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