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Shadespire Annecy - List of Participants

1. Jordan aka "JO_plus"FLyon10Garrek's ReaversAmazing ninja teamno
2. Mickael aka "Shinichik"FAnnecy235Garrek's ReaversShinichikno
3. David aka "modii666"FSaint Egreve53Magore’s Fiendsno
4. Vincent aka "Vincent74"FPoisy346The Farstridersno
5. Eric aka "ericm07"FVal De Chaise-Spiteclaw's Swarmno
6. Morgan aka "rainbowdash"FLyon9The Chosen AxesAmazing ninja teamno
7. Jean-Baptiste aka "Bedjy"FAnnecy32Sepulchral Guardno
8. John aka "Lacroix"FAnnecy30Ironskull's Boyzno

Distribution of Armies
Garrek's Reavers:2
Ironskull's Boyz:1
Magore’s Fiends:1
Sepulchral Guard:1
Spiteclaw's Swarm:1
The Chosen Axes:1
The Farstriders:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Savoie (74):4
Rhône (69):2
Isère (38):1
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