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The Grumpies Team Championship - List of Participants

1. Maxime aka "Mweax"FParis163Ratcatcher's Guild9thGuildno
2. Nathanael aka "Ealthril"FVELIZY VILLACOUBLAY58Mason's GuildHarder Better Fasterno
3. Willy aka "Will92"FCampagnac39Ratcatcher's GuildThe Relou'sno
4. Enguerrand aka "Engue"BPecq47Butcher's GuildHarder Better Fasterno
5. Nicolas aka "nico12"Fst saturnin de lenne25Mortician's GuildThe Relou'sno
6. Fred aka "Piggs"FHouilles136Butcher's GuildThe Relou'sno
7. Guillaume aka "BillyZeKid"FSoisy-sous-Montmorency33Farmer's GuildLes colverts avec le dos en vracno
8. Nicolas aka "Mcbrain"FClamart35Mortician's GuildLes colverts avec le dos en vracno
9. Pascal aka "Winniepedia"Fle gue de longroi200Blacksmith's Guildall by myselfno
10. David aka "Olosta12"FVanves42Falconer's GuildLes colverts avec le dos en vracno
11. Pierre aka "Eria"FIstres19Blacksmith's GuildSmGByes
12. Olivier aka "Dudu314"FIstres97Hunter's GuildSmGBno
13. Pierre aka "Peterseven"FSaint Etienne54Mortician's GuildHarder Better Fasterno
14. Florian aka "Alrik"FÉragny105Brewer's GuildLes Peignes Culsyes
15. Jocelyn aka "Joce"FCormeilles-En-Parisis-Hunter's GuildLes Peignes Culsno
16. Maxime aka "Cesarius"FVersailles-Mortician's Guild9thGuildno
17. Romain aka "Robug"FParis124Butcher's GuildLes Peignes Culsno
18. Yohan aka "Bidule"FPontoise37Mortician's GuildCDMno
19. David aka "Rogue666"FIstres2The UnionSmGBno
20. Philippe aka "Philser"FLe Plessis Robinson139Mason's Guildall by myselfno
21. Sylvère aka "Sorel"FRambouillet127The Unionall by myselfno
22. Stéphane aka "Dephteros"FParis-Fisherman's Guildbashing pumpkinsno

List of teams

19thGuildMweax, Cesarius
2Harder Better FasterEalthril, Engue, Peterseven
3The Relou'sWill92, nico12, Piggs
4Les colverts avec le dos en vracBillyZeKid, Mcbrain, Olosta12
5all by myselfWinniepedia, Philser, Sorel
6SmGBEria, Dudu314, Rogue666
7Les Peignes CulsAlrik, Joce, Robug
9bashing pumpkinsDephteros

Distribution of Armies
Mortician's Guild:5
Butcher's Guild:3
Blacksmith's Guild:2
Hunter's Guild:2
Mason's Guild:2
Ratcatcher's Guild:2
The Union:2
Brewer's Guild:1
Falconer's Guild:1
Farmer's Guild:1
Fisherman's Guild:1
Distribution of Origins
Yvelines (78):4
Val-d'Oise (95):4
Bouches-du-Rhône (13):3
Paris (75):3
Hauts-de-Seine (92):3
Aveyron (12):2
Eure-et-Loir (28):1
Loire (42):1
Seine-et-Marne (77):1
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