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Iron west 2019 : Guildball - List of Participants

1. Guillaume aka "Booggy"FNantes90Blacksmith's GuildTeam 17yesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Yann aka "Sysd"FPleyben143Hunter's GuildAnimus et Cortexnono
3. Fab aka "Fabou_le_petit_Nantais"FNantes80Mason's Guildnono
4. Rémy aka "Shoofshoof"FVendee71Hunter's GuildTeam 17nono
5. Evan aka "gollum"FPlougastel Daoulas-Blacksmith's Guildanimus & cortexnono
6. Gauvain aka "Thyamath"FBrest13Fisherman's GuildAnimus et Cortexnono

Distribution of Armies
Blacksmith's Guild:1
Distribution of Origins
Loire-Atlantique (44):1
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