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Durocortorum - List of Participants

1. Benjamin aka "Kronos"FReims-Tyranidsyes0
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Jimmy aka "Mandulis666"FLa Neuville En Tourne À Fuy88Chaos Space MarinesTSMyes0
3. Sylvain aka "kykyl"FGrandlup Et Fay127Adeptus CustodesMKG Hobbyyes0
4. Mallory aka "Malonea"FGrandlup Et Fay154HarlequinsMKG Hobbyyes0
5. Alexis aka "Poulpy"FArras124NecronsDTCyes0
6. Benjamin aka "DBZ-buu-buu"FReims270Harlequinsyes0
7. Mathieu aka "stador"FReims834T'au Empireyes0
8. Antoine aka "Legob"FRethel-Space Marinesyes0
9. Gaetan aka "Kazghull"FVillenauxe La Grande1550Orksyes0
10. Jean-François aka "Ondskapt"FVerzenay816Chaos Space MarinesBlood for the Blood Godyes0
11. Jean David aka "jeanda19"FReims372TyranidsOpen marne 51yes0
12. Jason aka "Le_squigtimer"FSaint Amand Sur Fion5551Orkssquigtimeryes0
13. Hugues aka "Metalligue"FReims1177Eldaryes0
14. Emeric aka "Gros_steak"FRollot1DrukhariMargarita poolyes0
15. Tifany aka "FireClaw"FRollot153EldarMargarita poolyes0
16. Jean Baptiste aka "Urik"FArras441Adepta SororitasDTCyes0
17. Adrien aka "Promo"FStrasbourg266EldarStrastègieyes0
18. Antoine aka "Kwakwak"FStrasbourg1165NecronsStrastègieyes0

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Distribution of Origins
Marne (51):1
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