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Grande finale de la ligue des Forges 2018 - List of Participants

1. Stéphane aka "makari32"FL'isle-Jourdain383TyranidsWargames 32yesyes
2. Jérôme aka "Berzy"FCarcassonne352Chaos Space MarinesGrabugeyesyes
3. Emmanuel aka "Celor"FFoix71TyranidsTeam LTCyesyes
4. Seb aka "Glouton"FBalma328Adeptus Mechanicusyesyes
5. Nicolas aka "PopeNicholas"FGaillac715The Inquisitionyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Adeptus Mechanicus:1
Chaos Space Marines:1
The Inquisition:1
Distribution of Origins
Ariège (09):1
Aude (11):1
Haute-Garonne (31):1
Gers (32):1
Tarn (81):1
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