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5ème tournoi AWJD - List of Participants

1. Sébastien aka "bastos"FDarnétal566Imperial KnightsString and battle slipyesyes
2. Mallory aka "LittleFox"FSotteville-Lès-Rouen1765Death GuardString and battle slipyesyes
3. Guillaume aka "Nooounours"FLa neuville champs d oisel1233Chaos DaemonsLes faiseurs de veuvesyesyes
4. Matthieu aka "kader"FRouen1102Dark AngelsA.W.J.Dyesyes
5. Romain aka "Inquisitor_Twiggy"FTrouville Sur Mer353Imperial KnightsA.W.J.Dyesyes
6. Aurelien aka "hydra76"FLe Havre828EldarLes 15 légionsyesyes
7. Charles aka "Racer"FNorville682Astra MilitarumLes 15 légionsyesyes
8. Aymerick aka "dunethor"FMotteville1285NecronsAWJD 2yesyes
9. Wolf aka "Magos76"FSotteville-Lès-Rouen943Imperial KnightsAWJD 2yesyes
10. Quentin aka "TyraNounours"FLe Havre1235TyranidsLes 15 Légions Bisyesyes
11. Benjamin aka "Gabriel_127e"FLe Havre392Astra MilitarumLes 15 Légions Bisyesyes
12. Morgan aka "Moumoune"FCharleval1689Space MarinesLes faiseurs de veuvesyesyes
13. Julien aka "Lixor"FAuzebosc188Thousand SonsLUGyesyes
14. Alexandre aka "Tichewie"FBolbec824DrukhariLUG bisyesyes
15. Hugo aka "SergentChef"FFlamanville152Astra MilitarumLUGyesyes
16. Nicolas aka "Gothra"FBolbec124The InquisitionLUG bisyesyes

List of teams

1Les 15 légionshydra76, Racer
2String and battle slipbastos, LittleFox
3Les faiseurs de veuvesNooounours, Moumoune
4A.W.J.Dkader, Inquisitor_Twiggy
5AWJD 2dunethor, Magos76
6Les 15 Légions BisTyraNounours, Gabriel_127e
7LUGLixor, SergentChef
8LUG bisTichewie, Gothra

Distribution of Armies
Astra Militarum:3
Imperial Knights:3
Chaos Daemons:1
Dark Angels:1
Death Guard:1
Space Marines:1
The Inquisition:1
Thousand Sons:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):14
Calvados (14):1
Eure (27):1
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