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Qualif IR 2019 IDF - List of Participants

1. Aimée aka "Aimee"FAngers8OrksFrom Nowhere Playersyes
2. Martin aka "Axmar"FIssy les Moulineaux-DrukhariFrom Nowhere Playersyes
3. Pei-Yi aka "Sumeragi_Subaru"FVitry-Sur-Seine259EldarFrom Nowhere Playersyes
4. Adrien aka "Ghosar"FWIMR911TyranidsFrom Nowhere Playersyes
5. Cyril aka "Pepito"FCarrières-sous-Poissy285Astra MilitarumFrom Nowhere Playersyes
6. Joé aka "Zolkov"FIssy-les-Moulineaux161Adeptus MechanicusFrom Nowhere Playersyes
7. Raphaël aka "Bizuthor"FRennes10T'au EmpireSemi-Croustillantsyes
8. Brice aka "bulgor"FParis15EldarSemi-Croustillantsyes
9. Olivier aka "Pere_Kstor"FParis9DrukhariSemi-Croustillantsyes
10. Clement aka "ertios"FConflans Sainte Honorine363Adepta SororitasArcadia.404 Parisyes
11. Franck aka "Alaric1"FColombes157Space MarinesArcadia.404 Parisyes
12. Clément aka "MontKa"FSuresnes231T'au EmpireArcadia.404 Parisyes
13. Luc aka "LemanRuss"FSoisy-Sous-Montmorency333TyranidsArcadia.404 Parisyes
14. Guillaume aka "skelerex"FChennevières-Sur-Marne1424DrukhariArcadia.404 Parisyes
15. Nicolas aka "Huanchi93"FChampagne Au Mont D'or257Astra MilitarumArcadia.404 Parisyes
16. Robin aka "LamaR"FParis5Genestealer CultsSemi-Croustillantsyes
17. Christophe aka "Yume95"FTaverny173Adepta SororitasMGWAyes
18. Nicolas aka "Isenheim"FTaverny154Adepta SororitasMGWAyes
19. Rémi aka "Requ-iem"FParis66Death GuardMGWAyes
20. Samuel aka "Reykhan"FCergy188Adepta SororitasMGWAyes
21. Erwan aka "Terrachnydes"FPrades le lez56Genestealer CultsMGWAyes
22. Mathieu aka "Superpoulpe"FFranconville77Adepta SororitasMGWAyes
23. David aka "Jacquouille"FParis18Imperial KnightsSemi-Croustillantsyes
24. Jonathan aka "Ouloum"FSuresnes27OrksSemi-Croustillantsyes

List of teams

1MGWAYume95, Isenheim, Requ-iem, Reykhan, Terrachnydes, Superpoulpe
2From Nowhere PlayersAimee, Zolkov, Axmar, Sumeragi_Subaru, Ghosar, Pepito
3Arcadia.404 Parisertios, Alaric1, MontKa, LemanRuss, skelerex, Huanchi93
4Semi-CroustillantsPere_Kstor, bulgor, Bizuthor, LamaR, Jacquouille, Ouloum

Distribution of Armies
Adepta Sororitas:5
Astra Militarum:2
Genestealer Cults:2
T'au Empire:2
Adeptus Mechanicus:1
Death Guard:1
Imperial Knights:1
Space Marines:1
Distribution of Origins
Paris (75):5
Hauts-de-Seine (92):5
Val-d'Oise (95):5
Yvelines (78):2
Val-de-Marne (94):2
Hérault (34):1
Maine-et-Loire (49):1
Morbihan (56):1
Rhône (69):1
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