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Les seigneurs d'Asgard II - List of Participants

1. Alexandre aka "Grond"FSaint Martin L'hortier128Harad and Umbaryesyes
2. Jerome aka "Jerman"FRouen89Minas Tirithyesyes
3. Anthony aka "Keldael"FLe Havre97Isengardyesyes
4. Océane aka "Ancalagon"FSaint Martin L'hortin105Moriayesyes
5. Antoine aka "Geronimo653"FMailleraye416Théoden's Hostyesyes
6. Antoine aka "Kyrxzen"FLe Havre103Ereboryesyes
7. Yohan aka "Glaerdros"FHerouville Saint Clair37Durin's Folkyesyes
8. Thierry aka "Folifoot"FHouilles28Isengard RaidersSFJyesyes
9. Pierre-Augustin aka "G0rbag"FMaisons-Alfort10The Wild Men of Drúadan ForestThe Bandobrosyesyes
10. Emmanuel aka "EMMLEF"FSartrouville27Goblin TownSFJyesyes
11. Guillaume aka "Carpu"FParis4Minas Tirithyesyes
12. Corentin aka "Imrahilovic"FRueil-Malmaison8Thranduil's HallORMyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Minas Tirith:2
Durin's Folk:1
Goblin Town:1
Harad and Umbar:1
Isengard Raiders:1
The Wild Men of Drúadan Forest:1
Théoden's Host:1
Thranduil's Hall:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):6
Yvelines (78):2
Calvados (14):1
Paris (75):1
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
Val-de-Marne (94):1
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