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Tournoi d'hiver DBA Orléans Wargames (15/02/2019) - List of Participants

1. Vincent aka "vinze"FSaint Jean De Braye6II-56 Romains Early EmpireOrléans Wargamesno
2. Louis aka "Louys"FOrléans19II/32a Carthaginois tardifsOrléans Wargamesno
3. Cédric aka "dricks"FLoury1IV-74 Franches CompagniesOrléans Wargamesno
4. Nicolas aka "Cassandre"FOrléans18I/43b ScythesOrléans Wargamesno
5. Yann-Gaël aka "Gaelyann"FLa Chapelle Saint Mesmin23II/69c Perses Sassanides 494-651 ap. JC.Orléans Wargamesno
6. Gérald aka "GERALD45"FVillemoutiers-II/15 Alexandre EmpereurOrléans Wargamesno
7. Sargon aka "Sargon45"FOrléans5II/49 Romain MariusOrléans Wargamesno

Distribution of Armies
I/43b Scythes:1
II-56 Romains Early Empire:1
II/15 Alexandre Empereur:1
II/32a Carthaginois tardifs:1
II/49 Romain Marius:1
II/69c Perses Sassanides 494-651 ap. JC.:1
IV-74 Franches Compagnies:1
Distribution of Origins
Loiret (45):6
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