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Tournoi WH 40k à la BàC - List of Participants

1. Fabien aka "Derek666"FGlos Sur Risle1028T'au EmpireFate or Doomyesyes
2. Miguel aka "XelinLord"FSotteville-Lès-Rouen5648Adeptus CustodesLes Chimères de la Boiteyesyes
3. Bruno aka "Celdu27"FVal De Reuil-Dark Angelsles loosersyesyes
4. Wolf aka "Magos76"FSotteville-Lès-Rouen778OrksPink is good!yesyes
5. Alexandre aka "El-mimi"FBourg-achard1152Chaos Space MarinesLes chimères de la boiteyesyes
6. Giovanni aka "Giov76"FRouen596OrksLes chimeres de la boiteyesyes
7. Samy aka "Ninjakharne"FHouetteville1585Chaos Space MarinesLe Looser IIyesyes
8. Adrien aka "Lord_Enroth"FLouviers315Imperial KnightsLes improbablesyesyes
9. Julien aka "Caliban"FNotre Dame De Bondeville1398Dark AngelsCaliban Feveryesyes
10. Jean-Philippe aka "Jenfixx"FBois Guillaume1323Genestealer CultsLes Tâchesyesyes
11. Laurent aka "Durak"FBonsecours943Grey KnightsLes improbablesyesyes
12. Antoine aka "Tovu"FSaint Pierre Des Fleurs-Astra Militarumyesyes
Waiting Queue
13. Baptiste aka "Detrakor"FMaromme656Chaos Space MarinesLes chimères de la boiteyesyes
14. Antoine aka "elcatinos"Frouen956Adeptus Custodesspace catinsyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:2
Dark Angels:2
Adeptus Custodes:1
Astra Militarum:1
Genestealer Cults:1
Grey Knights:1
Imperial Knights:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Eure (27):6
Seine-Maritime (76):6
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