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Infinity - JFJ 2019 - List of Participants

1. Corben aka "K-reem"FFresnes-Morat Aggression ForceLe Seumyes
2. Lucas aka "Sedral"FSaint-Ouen11Invincible ArmyCFJyes
3. Hélias L.FParis-Haqqislamyes
4. Guillaume aka "Ayadan"FCharenton-Le-Pont61Military Ordersyes
5. Rémi aka "Arkio"FAsnières-Sur-Seine-Neoterran Capitaline Armyno
6. Nicolas aka "Zahariell"FVanves-Military OrdersCFJyes
7. (anonym)-Merovingian Rapid Response ForceCFJyes
8. Dimitri aka "Imkariel"FBresles18Tohaayes
9. Jonathan aka "Millia"FMaisons Alfort-TohaaLe Seumyes
10. Matthieu aka "aemaru"FParis36TohaaCFJno
11. Valentin aka "bock"FMontpellier149Hassassin BahramTerra Ludisno
12. Pierre aka "Pierrodactyl"FOrleans-Haqqislamorleans wargamesyes
13. Matthieu aka "MattBab"FParis7Morat Aggression ForceCFJno
14. Hyacinthe aka "hyace"FArgenteuil-Imperial Serviceno
15. Ced aka "Dunan"FCormeilles En Parisis23Acontecimento Shock Armyno

Distribution of Armies
Military Orders:2
Morat Aggression Force:2
Acontecimento Shock Army:1
Hassassin Bahram:1
Imperial Service:1
Invincible Army:1
Merovingian Rapid Response Force:1
Neoterran Capitaline Army:1
Distribution of Origins
Paris (75):3
Hauts-de-Seine (92):3
Val-de-Marne (94):3
Val-d'Oise (95):2
Hérault (34):1
Loiret (45):1
Oise (60):1
Seine-Saint-Denis (93):1
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