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Dantesque 40K 10 : Partie Apocalypse - List of Participants

1. David aka "Percevaal"FChatenay793TyranidsLes suppôts de Zitoireyesyes
2. Philippe aka "Guntroll"CHTroinex1243T'au EmpireLes suppôts de Zitoireyesyes
3. Arthur aka "captainfire"FLyon207NecronsLes suppôts de Zitoireyesyes
4. Frederic aka "tchoss"FMenthonnex-Sous-Clermont865Space MarinesDead waryesyes
5. Jarno aka "Makgod"FSurjoux781Death GuardDead waryesyes
6. Eric aka "Stormbull"FLes Houches326Imperial KnightsLes suppôts de Zitoireyesyes
7. Ludovic aka "Ludoled"FSaint Pierre En Faucigny184Adeptus CustodesDead waryesyes
8. Damien aka "sdc42"FVilly Le Pelloux175Adeptus CustodesDead waryesyes
9. Etienne aka "Slaska"FNeuville Sur Saône843Thousand SonsLes suppôts de Zitoireyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Adeptus Custodes:2
Death Guard:1
Imperial Knights:1
Space Marines:1
T'au Empire:1
Thousand Sons:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Savoie (74):4
Rhône (69):2
Ain (01):1
Aveyron (12):1
Isère (38):1
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