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Oldhammer Fantasy en Norsca @ Volcaniques IV - List of Participants

1. François aka "Frag"FEspinasse Vozelle8Dwarf FleetN|MoW|HQ25|MoW|N|Nyes
2. Benoît aka "Dreadaxe"FAubière4Norse Raiders Fleet?|MoW|HQ25|SagaAdlM|MoW|?yes
3. Franck aka "Agaroth"FSaint Vidal-Undead Fleet?|MoW|HQ25|MoW|SagaAdlM|?yes
4. Ben aka "MoM"FPessat-Villeneuve27Dwarf FleetN|N|N|N|MoW|Nyes
5. Max aka "Max"FClermont-Imperial FleetN|MoW|N|N|N|Nyes
6. Frédérick aka "Fredevil"FVienne-Imperial Fleet?|MoW|O|O|O|?yes
7. Romain aka "BouncyBear"FCébazat-Khorne FleetN|N|N|N|SagaAdlM|?yes
8. Olivier aka "grumf"FFleury Les Aubray-Orc FleetN|MoW|HQ25|MoW|AdlM|?yes
9. Benoît aka "Amaranth"FClermont Ferrand-Chaos Dwarf FleetN|N|N|HQ25|N|Nyes
10. Seb aka "coyote1979"FMénétrol7Bretonnian FleetN|N|N|AdlM|AdlM|Nyes

Distribution of Armies
Dwarf Fleet:2
Imperial Fleet:2
Bretonnian Fleet:1
Chaos Dwarf Fleet:1
Khorne Fleet:1
Norse Raiders Fleet:1
Orc Fleet:1
Undead Fleet:1
Distribution of Origins
Puy-de-Dôme (63):5
Allier (03):1
Isère (38):1
Haute-Loire (43):1
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