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Tanelorn is coming ! - List of Participants

1. Antoine aka "ToninVikingLorrain"FFlorange116Night's WatchTanelorn57yesyes
2. Nathan aka "BobBernard"FMetz85StarkTanelorn57yesyes
3. Andreolle aka "Jerry57"FFameck121LannisterTanelorn57yesyes
4. Gauthier aka "Valorel"FBeinheim108Night's Watchyesyes
5. Hervé aka "Dalamides"LLuxembourg139Lannisteryesyes
6. Geoffrey aka "Puron-kun"FYutz128StarkTanelorn57yesyes
7. Julien aka "Bla-bla-bla"FSerémange-Erzange135Free FolkFlûteyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Night's Watch:2
Free Folk:1
Distribution of Origins
Moselle (57):5
Côtes d'Armor (22):1
Bas-Rhin (67):1
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