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Tournoi Underworld Beastgrave N°1 : Terre des mille jeux - List of Participants

1. Alexandre aka "Wodan"FNogent-sur-Oise76The GrymwatchCJPno
2. Frederic aka "sieg"FGrandfresnoy244Godsworn HuntCJPno
3. Cédric aka "Kanizhar"FCambronne-lès-Clermont83Skaeth's Wild HuntCJPno
4. Jean-Baptiste aka "Karayor"FClermont51Skaeth's Wild HuntCJPno
5. Thibault aka "thibault"FParis483Stormsire's Cursebreakersno

Distribution of Armies
Skaeth's Wild Hunt:2
Godsworn Hunt:1
Stormsire's Cursebreakers:1
The Grymwatch:1
Distribution of Origins
Oise (60):4
Paris (75):1
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