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Game of Bassignum - List of Participants

1. Gilbert aka "Gilboule"FAiserey77LannisterLuditopiayes
2. Sebastien aka "Fakko"FChaumont11StarkHALPHASyes
3. Olivier aka "Ravenwing21"FDijon-BaratheonLuditopiayes
4. Damien aka "Tuleris"FTavaux76Night's WatchLuditopiayes
5. Guillaume aka "S1g"FTalant122LannisterLuditopiayes
6. Gwenael aka "replay21"FDijon81Free FolkLuditopiayes
7. Flavien aka "radagast"FArcis sur Aube2Stark1 D troyesyes
8. Loukas aka "loukas"FCoiffy Le Bas39Free FolkHALPHASyes
9. Sébastien aka "SeBabass"FTil-Châtel167Night's WatchLuditopiayes
10. Julien aka "Elros-"FMontbéliard55StarkLes Esprits Geeksyes
11. Julien aka "The_Executeur"FBavans7StarkLes Esprits Geeksyes
12. Mickaël aka "X-Iroquois-X"FKurtzenhouse69LannisterInstant d'un Rêveyes
13. Antoine aka "ToninVikingLorrain"FFlorange52Night's WatchTanelorn57yes
14. Manu aka "Nazmnul"FChampigny Les Langres94Night's WatchHALPHASyes
15. Nathan aka "BobBernard"FMetz48StarkTanelorn57yes
16. Yoann aka "looper"FChampigny Les Langres5Night's WatchHALPHASyes

Distribution of Armies
Night's Watch:5
Free Folk:2
Distribution of Origins
Côte-d'Or (21):5
Haute-Marne (52):4
Doubs (25):2
Moselle (57):2
Aube (10):1
Jura (39):1
Bas-Rhin (67):1
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