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Open du Nord - Kings of War - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alex aka "Alexlesec"FMarly108DwarfsLes halflingsno
2. Pierre aka "lyzech"FArras290The VarangurLes halflingsno
3. Samuel aka "expunk"FVilleneuve D' Ascq53GoblinsLes halflingsno
4. Noah aka "XVT367"FVilleneuve D'ascq88DwarfsLes halflingsno
5. Tanguy aka "Tartignolle"FLille6ConquistadorsLes halflingsno
6. Eric aka "Ancilla"FOutreau-The HerdLes halflingsno
7. Sylvain aka "sparnacum"Fepernay70Undeadveni vidi presque vicino
8. Olivier aka "Orckel"FLille10OrcsLes halflingsno
9. Vincent aka "Julo62"FHénin-Beaumont27Kingdom of ManLes halflingsno
10. Lola aka "Lo62"FHénin-Beaumont114DwarfsLes halflingsno
11. Julie aka "Ju62"FHénin-Beaumont63The BrotherhoodLes halflingsno
12. Paco aka "Iblis"ESaint Omer9Kingdom of ManLes halflingsno
13. Jean aka "Twerk"FLille18Holy Roman EmpireLes halflingsno
14. Simon aka "Latoine"FLille261Kingdom of ManLes halflingsno
15. Maxime aka "Fao"FTourcoing261Abyssal DwarfsLes halflingsno
16. Alban aka "walach"FCroix71The League of RhordiaAut agere aut morino

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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