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Squig & Bolter - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Maxence aka "Aramoro"FMartigné Ferchaud-Blood AngelsFrom Nowhere Playersnono
2. Thierry aka "valcoet"FBalazé1043Grey KnightsBarasiawnono
3. Corentin aka "fifty_tooth_da_pimp"FOrvault1142OrksBrocouillenono
4. Mathieu aka "kerhor"FLivré sur Changeon1015EldarLes Triskèlesyesno
5. Guillaume aka "Chatssette"FRennes1841Adepta Sororitasles 7 pédestres et le gros charyesno
6. Julien aka "Le-Myrthouflan"FDomloup1279Imperial KnightsLa Marche des Poètesyesno
7. Nicolas aka "Vatrax"FAmanlis1266TyranidsLa Marche des Poètesyesno
8. Patrick B.FRennes-Astra Militarumles 7 pédestres et le gros charyesno
9. Nicolas aka "Togi"FNantes74DrukhariForbidden Tardsnono
10. Laurent aka "orendel53"FÉvron-DrukhariRazor headnono
11. Alessio aka "Hartemus"FSaint-Germain-En-Coglès-Astra MilitarumBarasiawnono
12. Nicolas aka "Meli-Melo"FNantes-Adeptus MechanicusForbidden Tardsnono
13. Cherel aka "Sideus-BGC"FRoazhon341Space MarinesBreizh Games Companynono
14. Nathan aka "Narzalion"FBruz1117Adepta SororitasLes Triskèlesyesno
15. Simon aka "H0Heneim"FNantes160Space MarinesBrocouillenono
16. Jean Baptiste aka "Carcharias"FCersay1625Blood Angelsl'adeptus tout risqueyesno
17. Jerome aka "RagnarSnow"FPlaine Et Vallée-Adepta Sororitasl'adeptus tout risqueyesno
18. Alexandre aka "Sparkster"FRennes1657Space MarinesAttila, Roi des 1yesno

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

List of teams

Registered teams
1From Nowhere PlayersAramoro
2Barasiawvalcoet, Hartemus
3Brocouillefifty_tooth_da_pimp, H0Heneim
4Les Triskèleskerhor, Narzalion
5les 7 pédestres et le gros charChatssette, Patrick B.
6La Marche des PoètesLe-Myrthouflan, Vatrax
7Forbidden TardsTogi, Meli-Melo
8Razor headorendel53
9Breizh Games CompanySideus-BGC
10l'adeptus tout risqueCarcharias, RagnarSnow
11Attila, Roi des 1Sparkster, Erdraug
12Team Angevine AlphaBoB_l_eponge, Batto
13Team Angevine BetaBarbouille__
14Magnus did nothing wrongSuperpoulpe
152 dices one cupskrag50_, Taopaillepaille
16La brute et le truandlebalez, Bizuthor
18Les Bébés PhoquesManiaka, Arnar_Aenor

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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