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The Forgeking War - List of Participants

1. Aymeric aka "Mike_Hazelwood"FLille12Convergence of CyrissLegio Invictayes
2. Pierre Arnauld aka "connetable_pa"FParis2Legion of EverblightAstérix foreveryes
3. David aka "Krador"FMassy33InfernalsThe Day Afteryes
4. Fabien aka "MarcelChamblard"FLille20InfernalsGinyu Forceyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Kevin aka "Raz"FLieusaint17The Circle OrborosIron Perfid'no
6. Sylvain aka "Lelith"FLille100CygnarGinyu Forceno
7. Tom aka "Ygemethor"FToulouse4The Circle Orborosno
8. Nicolas aka "Nicoco"FVendée29CygnarTeam 17no
9. Nicolas aka "Thunder_n"FLille179The Circle OrborosGinyu Forceno
10. Tisserant aka "TheLazyHase"FEvry6The SkorneBashing Pumpkinsno
11. Ismaël aka "BicheNeuve"FLE POIRE SUR VIE223Retribution of ScyrahTeam 17no
12. Jason aka "slec"FIvry-sur-Seine13Retribution of Scyrahno
13. Clément aka "Murmure"FAndrésy48Crucible GuardIron Perfid'no
14. Jean-Philippe aka "Wolves_of_Brutus"FLyon41Legion of Everblightno
15. Emilie aka "Shreddinette"FParis1InfernalsBashing Pumpkinsno
16. Jérémy aka "Pekeumok"FGravelines138Retribution of Scyrahno

Distribution of Armies
Convergence of Cyriss:1
Legion of Everblight:1
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):2
Paris (75):1
Essonne (91):1
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