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Le tournois des Poutous - List of Participants

1. Jordan aka "Talendil"FBeauregard61Cities of SigmarTeam Trolleur fou Incomprityesyes
2. Paul-Alexis aka "Kechian"FLyon141SkavenTeam Trolleur fou solitaireyesyes
3. Erwan aka "lairder1"FLyon138Kharadron OverlordsTeam Pleureuse (Capichef)yesyes
4. Antoine aka "Fenriswolf"FLyon228Hedonites of SlaaneshTeam Pleureuse (Sergent chef)yesyes
5. Arthur aka "Tyranus"FChampagne-Au-Mont-D'or220Tamurkhan’s HordeRTSyesyes
6. Romain aka "Alcybiade"FLyon226NighthauntRTSyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Cities of Sigmar:1
Hedonites of Slaanesh:1
Kharadron Overlords:1
Tamurkhan’s Horde:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):5
Ain (01):1
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