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Les Joutes du Graoully 2022 - List of Participants

1. Emmanuel aka "Don_Perr"FPont A Mousson207Daemon LegionsHave a nice day !yesyes
2. Silvere aka "feanor"FBelleau218Highborn ElvesHave a nice day !yesyes
3. Ycham aka "Pheonix59540"FPagny-Sur-Meuse290Saurian AncientsHave a nice day !yesyes
4. Cédric aka "Idum"FNancy641Beast HerdsHave a nice day !yesyes
5. Mickael aka "Thunderman"FMetz80Kingdom of EquitaineBashe en Moselleyesyes
6. Guillaume aka "Chien_Mauve"FSaulny190Vampire CovenantBashe en Moselleyesyes
7. Olivier aka "Nico57"FChatel St Germain46The Vermin SwarmBashe en Moselleyesyes
8. Sebastien aka "Zlatanlux"LLuxembourg186Vampire CovenantMALAKOFF' s BROTHERSyesyes
9. Giulio aka "falanor"LLuxembourg433MakharMALAKOFF' s BROTHERSyesyes
10. Sébastien aka "Wally"LCapellen327Infernal DwarvesMALAKOFF' s BROTHERSyesyes
11. William aka "wil7"LLuxembourg360Daemon LegionsMALAKOFF' s BROTHERSyesyes
12. Steven aka "Ezekiel57"FNancy25Undying DynastiesBashe en Moselleyesyes

List of teams

1MALAKOFF' s BROTHERSZlatanlux, falanor, Wally, wil7
2Have a nice day !Don_Perr, feanor, Pheonix59540, Idum
3Bashe en MoselleNico57, Thunderman, Chien_Mauve, Ezekiel57

Distribution of Armies
Daemon Legions:2
Vampire Covenant:2
Beast Herds:1
Highborn Elves:1
Infernal Dwarves:1
Kingdom of Equitaine:1
Saurian Ancients:1
The Vermin Swarm:1
Undying Dynasties:1
Distribution of Origins
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):4
Moselle (57):3
Cantal (15):1
Cher (18):1
Meuse (55):1
Haut-Rhin (68):1
Var (83):1
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