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Les Murmures de Morrigane II - List of Participants

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1. Alain aka "Sanglior"FCouy19Kingdoms of MenLes Hérauts de Morriganeno0
2. Dieu aka "Shub-Niggurath"Les Montagnes Hallucinées27MongolsCJHBno0
3. Valentin aka "Waszazen"FCouy11SlavsLes Hérauts de Morriganeno0
4. Christian aka "aleajactaest"FBrenthonne74Kingdoms of MenCJHBno0
5. Matthieu aka "Woryk"FSaint Jean De Tholome46Conquistadorsno0
6. Bastien aka "Blackkfury"FCouy88ScythiansLes Hérauts de Morriganeno0
7. Nicolas aka "Nayko_le_Rat"FSilhac3CrusadersLes Rats Corruptiblesno0
8. Michel aka "Ra-Deg"FVaux Le Penil-Chineseno0
9. Mathieu aka "oursinet"FSt Doulchard14Anglo-SaxonsLa charge des figurinesno0
10. Kevin aka "firegantelet"FSAINT-DOULCHARD15ConquistadorsLa charge des figurinesno0
11. Julien aka "MyNicknameIsBetterThanYours"FBourges10OttomanesLa charge des figurinesno0
12. Christophe aka "Boratkunecouille"FSancergues8AztecsLes Hérauts de Morriganeno0

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Distribution of Origins
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