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Flames of War Bandol (FAP) - List of Participants

1. Loic aka "Milo"FMagny St Medard54Tyazhelyi Samokhodniy Artileriskiy PolkÉquipe de Franceno
2. Fred aka "Angelfred"FSèvres-German OthersÉquipe de Franceno
3. Loic aka "instinctkiller"FAix-En-Provence11US Rifle CompanyAixno
4. Jean-Michel aka "jeanmimi"FToulon9US Othersno
5. Patrick aka "Dpat"FSix Fours Les Plages-Batalion PuscasiPatno

Distribution of Armies
Batalion Puscasi:1
German Others:1
Tyazhelyi Samokhodniy Artileriskiy Polk:1
US Others:1
US Rifle Company:1
Distribution of Origins
Var (83):2
Bouches-du-Rhône (13):1
Côte-d'Or (21):1
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
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