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Grand Tournoi Paris, 1000pts, warhammer 40 000 - List of Participants

1. Vincent aka "Sparda"FBréau-TyranidsSpardano
2. Paul aka "Sovnys"FParis907T'au Empireyes
3. Pierre-André aka "AunElShira"FSaint-Denis-T'au Empireno
4. Anthony aka "Pacholiste"FBréau-Space Marinesno
5. Romain aka "Giggle"FJouy Le Moutier491The InquisitionMGWAyes
6. Alexandre aka "Alexandre40k"FParis-Blood Angelsyes
7. José aka "Khaldrogo"FParis73Dark Angelsno
8. Alexis aka "Octopus"FNancy480Thousand Sonsyes
9. Quentin aka "VeteriniXII"FParis3503Adepta SororitasReprise trankillno
10. Benoit aka "Burning-Map"FParis1667Astra Militarumyes
11. Julien aka "Lestat77"FVersailles1228Chaos Space MarinesEsprit Ludiqueyes
12. Arthur aka "PrimeApe"FVersailles-EldarUMRyes
13. Monji aka "Karics"FAubervilliers-EldarCMAyes
14. Klaus aka "Hetzer600"FParis-Space MarinesEmperor’s Spearno
15. Xavier aka "Zaratroustra"FNanterre898Thousand Sonsno
16. Quentin aka "Fruit"FNanterre2168Necronsyes
17. Dimitri aka "Nightblade05"FParis277Chaos KnightsThe Outsidersyes
18. Arthur aka "luluty"FGroslay-Space Marinesno

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Space Marines:5
Thousand Sons:3
Chaos Knights:2
T'au Empire:2
Adepta Sororitas:1
Astra Militarum:1
Blood Angels:1
Chaos Space Marines:1
Dark Angels:1
The Inquisition:1
Distribution of Origins
Paris (75):7
Seine-et-Marne (77):2
Yvelines (78):2
Hauts-de-Seine (92):2
Seine-Saint-Denis (93):2
Val-d'Oise (95):2
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):1
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