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Une petite balade - List of Participants

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1. Erwan aka "Pacifieur"FCornebarrieu97Stormcast EternalsFig'Oxitannono
2. Kévin aka "Nihl31140"FSeilh202Orruk Warclansnono
3. Gaëtan aka "Schoubi"FToulouse260NighthauntVdTyesno
4. Bertrand aka "Balior"FRamonville Saint Agne710Orruk WarclansVdTyesno
5. William aka "BlackSword"FToulouse279Hedonites of SlaaneshFig'Oxitannono
6. Loïc aka "Banaks"FAlbias534Stormcast Eternalsyesno
7. Benoît aka "Ragnarf"FMargaux182Cities of SigmarMuldoon’s baneyesno
8. Pierre aka "Hicks31"FLabège-SkavenLa voie du Thalos Verminusyesno

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