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SWL hobbyshop fight sept 22 - List of Participants

1. Quentin aka "cheldar"FLe Creusot91SeparatistsWarlods71no
2. Franck aka "nino"FL'isle D'abeau305Rebelstable razno
3. Rémy aka "Ghazmo"FBourgoin Jallieu178Empiretable razno
4. Frédéric aka "Bobafred69"FVénissieux134RebelsChasseur de Primeno
5. Olivier aka "Inossatam"FVoiron11Shadow CollectiveDice Spiritno
6. Cedric aka "ElChacal"FFontaine60Empireno
7. Maxime aka "Bubbamix"FRuy-RebelsTeam LDMno
8. Jérôme aka "Sillage"FDécines-Charpieu-Shadow CollectiveLa Hordeno
9. Ob aka "Oberheim"FVirieu167RebelsNoteamno

Distribution of Armies
Shadow Collective:2
Distribution of Origins
Isère (38):6
Rhône (69):2
Saône-et-Loire (71):1
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