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La coupe du Muton Noir - List of Participants

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1. Louis aka "Louisss"FArgent Sur Sauldre-Necromantic HorrorLa Mandragoreno
2. Christophe aka "T0uf"FArgent Sur Sauldre-OrcsLa Mandragoreno
3. Julien aka "Choll"FOizon-ElvesLa Mandragoreno
4. Thanaël aka "Kotdbeuf"FOizon-LizardmenLa Mandragoreno
5. Florent aka "Oberon-Grimwold"FPlou-GoblinsLa Mandragoreno
6. Blaise aka "Vad"FOIZON-Dark ElvesLa Mandragoreno

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Distribution of Origins
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