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La Bagarre au Muton Noir - List of Participants

1. Julien aka "Choll"FOizon4Kaiser's PalaceLa Mandragoreyes
2. Florent aka "Oberon-Grimwold"FPlou5Kaiser's PalaceLa Mandragoreyes
3. Christophe aka "T0uf"FArgent Sur Sauldre1Rolling BonesLa Mandragoreyes
4. Thanaël aka "Kotdbeuf"FOizon7Rolling BonesLa Mandragoreyes
5. Louis aka "Louisss"FArgent Sur Sauldre8GomorrahLa Mandragoreyes
6. Blaise aka "Vad"FOIZON6GomorrahLa Mandragoreyes
7. Willy M.FTrouy-The Feral DenLa Mandragoreyes
8. Simon aka "Myjin"FToulouse3The Feral DenLa Mandragoreyes

Distribution of Armies
Kaiser's Palace:2
Rolling Bones:2
The Feral Den:2
Distribution of Origins
Cher (18):7
Haute-Garonne (31):1
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