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Conquest Gif Sur Yvette - List of Participants

1. Michel aka "Grenadier91"FMassy-NordsLes Nazes de palaiseauyesno
2. Nicolas aka "Nyckeau"FSt-Remy-Les-Chevreuse16The SpiresLes Barbusyesno
3. Gaultier aka "Gaultier"FSt-Remy-Les-Chevreuse24DweghomLes Barbusyesno
4. Sébastien aka "Beuz"FGif-Sur-Yvette-The Hundred Kingdomsyesno
5. Toto aka "Totolasticot"FParis1Old Dominionyesno
6. Charles-Alexandre aka "Jaiks"FPalaiseau-NordsLudo de Gifyesno
7. Mickael aka "Corsairmick"Fmorsang/orge-Old DominionLes dévoués d'Hazliayesno
8. Guillaume aka "BillyZeKid"FSoisy-sous-Montmorency23DweghomI love ????yesno
9. (anonym)-The Hundred KingdomsLudo de Gifyesno
10. Ludovic aka "Azer-du-Gif"FHouilles-NordsSFJyesno
11. Leo aka "WillyGoon"FColombes24Dweghomyesno
12. Steve aka "Urial"Fgif sur yvette-DweghomLes Barbusyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
13. Fabien aka "Nynyl"FJanvry-NordsLudo de Gifnono

Distribution of Armies
Old Dominion:2
The Hundred Kingdoms:2
The Spires:1
Distribution of Origins
Essonne (91):5
Yvelines (78):4
Paris (75):1
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
Val-d'Oise (95):1
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