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2v2 Warhammer 40.000 - List of Participants

1. Cyril aka "Freemann"FLe Beausset1250Space WolvesBLOOD WOLVESno
2. Fab aka "CONRAD"FSanary Sur Mer-Blood AngelsBLOOD WOLVESno
3. Jérémy aka "Trag-88"FLe Val3291EldarMachomen'sno
4. Florian aka "Eikthyrnirs"FOllioules1367World EatersWorld eaterno
5. David aka "SirArhi"FMenton453Genestealer CultsLes Boyz de Mentonno
6. Philippe aka "katzen"FHyères761NecronsLes FILF de la Radeno
7. Cédric aka "Cedp"FToulon263OrksLes FILF de la Radeno
8. Stéphane aka "Warlock06"FMenton2353Imperial KnightsLes Boyz de Mentonno
9. Jonathan aka "Rougeathan"FToulon536Blood AngelsPatanouk et Gersifletno
10. Thibaut aka "Pefe83"FToulon796OrksPatanouk et Gersifletno
11. Maximilien aka "Max_NooB"FBrignoles1971Leagues of VotannPiraaaaaatesno
12. Jonathan aka "Blusky"FBrignoles3033Imperial KnightsPiraaaaaatesno
13. Cédric aka "Cron-cron"FSt Maximin La St Baume3339NecronsMachomen'sno
14. Julien aka "Splitex"FLa Crau1038Space MarinesFly boysno
15. Cyril aka "Mystik"FVidauban-TyranidsFly boysno
16. Julien aka "Wolfister"FSix-Fours Les Plages382Space WolvesWolfBrothersno
Waiting Queue
17. Sebastien aka "SebB"FSix-Fours Les Plages6995Thousand SonsWolfBrothersno
18. Arnaud aka "ArnaudS"FToulon1343EldarLes saints pasno

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

List of teams

2Machomen'sTrag-88, Cron-cron
3World eaterEikthyrnirs, Le_C0rrompu
4Les Boyz de MentonSirArhi, Warlock06
5Les FILF de la Radekatzen, Cedp
6Patanouk et GersifletRougeathan, Pefe83
8PiraaaaaatesMax_NooB, Blusky
9Fly boysSplitex, Mystik
10WolfBrothersWolfister, SebB
11Les saints pasArnaudS, Psykomentax

Distribution of Armies
Blood Angels:2
Imperial Knights:2
Space Wolves:2
Genestealer Cults:1
Leagues of Votann:1
Space Marines:1
World Eaters:1
Distribution of Origins
Var (83):14
Alpes-Maritimes (06):2
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