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Bastards Ath War in the Old World - List of Participants

1. Pierre aka "CafeGrandMere"BBruxelles3Warriors of ChaosRieurs Sangliersyesyes
2. Arvid aka "Arvid_dc"BGent-Empire of ManNo teamyesyes
3. Ruben aka "Wrakker"NLBiervliet25Daemons of Chaosyesyes
4. Adrien aka "Nanou2"BBruxelles20Chaos DwarfsRieurs Sangliersyesyes
5. Julien aka "godtbilator"BBruxelles7Kingdom of BretonniaLe Bunker Bastardsyesyes
6. De Coninck aka "barbosor"BWaterloo11Tomb Kings of KhemriLe Bunker Bastardsyesyes
7. Cédric aka "NotAGosu"BCortil Noirmont27Warriors of Chaosyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Warriors of Chaos:2
Chaos Dwarfs:1
Daemons of Chaos:1
Empire of Man:1
Kingdom of Bretonnia:1
Tomb Kings of Khemri:1
Distribution of Origins
Cortil Noirmont:1
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