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Eden - Octogône 2011 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Chris aka "quazard"FLyon69003154The Convoyno0
2. Frederic aka "fredrich"FLyon184ISCRTSno0
3. Alexis aka "Chuppa"FAnnecy39Matriarchyno0
4. Geoffrey aka "Fouch"FBrignais516ISCMootland clanno0
5. Pierre-Charles aka "PcM"FToulouse469ISCTeam Toulouseno0
6. Julien aka "Saccamin"FAmpuis538Clan BamakaMootland clanno0
7. David aka "Grosacquet"FVienne680JokersMootland clanno0
8. Nicolas aka "bifron"FLaunaguet502Stigma-DestructionTeam Toulouseno0
9. Rémi aka "Requ-iem"FParis380Matriarchyno0
10. Frederic aka "Berf"FParis228MatriarchyTeam Edenno0
11. Jean-François aka "Bob_bob"FSaint-Priest666Clan BamakaRTSno0
12. Mikaël aka "Sleyo"FIstres83Jokersno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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