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AOSSE Autumn 2021 - Tournament Results

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.1.p1Guillaume aka "nightbring"FClermont-FerrandZokus WarclanGrand Alliance Death70
2.2.p2Benoît aka "Hurben"FLa TalaudiereAOSSEGrand Alliance Chaos60
3.3.p3Andrea aka "gultars"FAubièreZokus WarclanOrruk Warclans60
4.4.Arthur aka "Graours"FSaint-EtienneAOSSEFyreslayers60
5.5.Nicolas aka "Arkahn"FLyonWholly Within LyonOrruk Warclans55
6.6.Silvain aka "Coffy"FSaint-Symphorien-d'OzonWholly Within LyonSlaves to Darkness51
7.7.Marco aka "MARC0"FSaint EtienneAOSSEOrruk Warclans49
8.8.Toufik aka "Aniki"FLyonWholly Within LyonStormcast Eternals40
9.9.Gaetan aka "Ballec"FLa CôteMadGrand Alliance Death40
10.10.Erwan aka "Triskel"FLyonLa TristitudeIdoneth Deepkin37
11.11.Raphael aka "alucard68"FWittenheimMadIdoneth Deepkin36
12.12.Paul aka "Loki_de_Jotunheim"FLyonFyreslayers30
13.13.Kevin aka "midgnit"FPfastattMadLumineth Realm-Lords30
14.14.Sebastien aka "narusegawa"FSt EtienneTGFIdoneth Deepkin26
15.15.Cyril aka "cygi42"FMontbrisonHedonites of Slaanesh25
16.16.Youri aka "Shaahnyx"FChavanayDaughters of Khaine24
17.17.Anthony aka "AnthoPrime"FFosseStormcast Eternals21
18.18.Remy aka "Bono"FChamboeufAOSSESoulblight Gravelords6
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Zokus Warclan (2)65.00
2.Wholly Within Lyon (3)48.67
3.AOSSE (4)43.75
4.Mad (3)35.33

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Lyon (4)40.50

Army Results:

1.Grand Alliance Chaos (1)60.00
2.Grand Alliance Death (2)55.00
3.Orruk Warclans (3)54.67
4.Slaves to Darkness (1)51.00
5.Fyreslayers (2)45.00
6.Idoneth Deepkin (3)33.00
7.Stormcast Eternals (2)30.50
8.Lumineth Realm-Lords (1)30.00
9.Hedonites of Slaanesh (1)25.00
10.Daughters of Khaine (1)24.00
11.Soulblight Gravelords (1)6.00
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