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Catalog of Questions
  1. What is the NTR (National Tournament Ranking)?
  2. How does the computation works exactly?

Questions & Answers
Question: What is the NTR (National Tournament Ranking)?

Answer: The NTR is based on an idea, what we could do with all the nice results of the T³-tournaments. Some people have thaught about this topic, but without an adequate platform nothing was realised. T³ as a central place for tabletop tournaments offers such a platform and the acutal system is the result of old and new ideas.
The NTR computes from the tournament results with an algorithm, which considers the different factors (like size and age of the tournament), points scores for each player. The sum of the best points scores is the number of NTR-points for this player. Sorting these results in the ranking. The whole thing is comparable with the German Soccer League or the Formula 1... without overpaid soccer teams or red cars, but single tournament players.
Question: How does the computation works exactly?

Answer: Every wednesday morning (at 5:03 o'clock) the recomputation of the NTRs is started. The following algorithmic is used:

1. Depending on the tournament size the NTR-points for each acquired tournament are computed (tournament points).
2. Depending on the age of the tournament the influence of the tournament is computed. Each 150 days a tournament looses 25% of its value.
3. Every player now gets his/her points through the following formula for each tournament: PlayersPoints = (TournamentPoints / (Number of Participants - 1)) * (Number of Participants - Placement of Player) * TimeFactor
4. For a good placement you'll get a bonus to your points.
5. For each player his/her 5 highest scores (as in 3+4) are taken, sorted descending and valued at a rate of 24%/22%/20%/18%/16% (total 100%). The sum of the 5 valued scores is the number of NTR-points for the player.
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