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Battle for the Middle Burh - List of Participants

1. Thijs aka "Thzzl"NLMiddelburg-Anglo-Danesyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Erry aka "Mylo"NLWognum18Norse-GaelsWCAnono
3. Jeroen aka "Herkus_Monte"NLDelft23GermansMurphy's Heroesnono
4. James aka "InvadingBriton"BBuggenhout-Pagan RusInvadingBritonsnono
5. Rüdiger aka "Wulfila"NLLeiden-Steppe TribesMurphy's Heroesnono
6. Arnoud aka "Brigand"NLLeiderdorp8NormansMurphy's Heroesnono
7. Alex aka "pogo"BGent3IrishRed Baronsnono
8. Kurt aka "Windelin"BGent7Anglo-SaxonsRed Baronsnono
9. Jan aka "Nepos"BGent4Last RomansRed Baronsnono
10. Wouter D.NLZeist-Vikingsnono
11. Robin aka "Robin104277"NLNoordwijk16Anglo-SaxonsDDGCnono
12. Dirk aka "Armande"BKapelle-Op-Den-Bos20VikingsRed Baronsnono
13. Bart aka "Schpoeft"BRotselaar-Irishconect'r-team Aarschotnono
14. Kev aka "English_Kev"NLRidderkerk-Anglo-Danesnono
15. Maarten aka "Khorne_Flakes"BRijmenam-Vikingsconect'r-team Aarschotnono
16. Timo aka "Timo7777"DGoch1IrishaiX-Wingsnono

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