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ETR - European Tournament Ranking - Hordes of the Things

Start of the data acquistion: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2018-10-17 05:30
There is more info here.

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1 -Jean-Pierre aka "tabnet"FVersailles55.85
2 -Vincent aka "Syagrius"FParis23.89
3 -Claude aka "coyote139"FSaulx Les Chartreux63.43
4 -Nicolas aka "astronico"FParis33.23
5 -Armand aka "hoelyann"FHouilles62.71
6 -François C.FIvry Sur Seine12.07
7 -Fabien aka "fabfig"BBruxelles11.04
8 -Alexandre aka "diabloy"FSaulx Les Chartreux40.91
9 -Stephane aka "Leoten"FThoiry20.73
10 -Fabien aka "Warfabien"BBruxelles40.56
11 upDenis aka "Walktapus"FFontenay Aux Roses20.35
12 upDidier aka "Arindel"FParis20.19
13 upPierre aka "Agecanonix"FChoisy Au Bac20.16
14 upNicolas aka "niko1970"FLe Havre10.11
15 upJean-Pierre D.FChoisy Au Bac10.08
16 upFrançois aka "brasva"FChevreuse10.05
17 upSylvain aka "Stilgar"FSainte Adresse10.03
18 upNicolas aka "nicolas334"FVerrieres Le Buisson10.00
19 upAntoine aka "SmilyGoblin"FParis10.00
19 upMichael aka "astronomike"FParis10.00
20 upChristian F.FVillebon Sur Yvette10.00
21 upMarc C.FClamart10.00
22 upGregory aka "gloarmy"FOrcemont10.00
23 upHoël aka "yannhoel"FHouilles10.00
24 upThomas aka "Thomas31"FSainte-Foy-De-Peyrolières10.00
25 upFrédéric aka "frudius"FLa Celle St Cloud30.00

The next automated update will be done on next Wednesday (2018-10-24).
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