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04-28Tournoi de Terra Ludica [Brisk]F21000 Dijon5/16
04-28ETC-Warmup Germany 2017 by TG PLAY! [T9A]D32049 Herford160
04-28Gobber Mini 11: Steamroller CID [WM/Ho]D12435 Berlin3/8
04-29Les rixes joviales 2017 [W40K]F03000 Moulins36/36
04-29campagne nationale BFG + W40000 + jeux specialists "LOCK ON" [BFG]F31500 Toulouse20
04-29Middle Earth ETC [LotR]D22457 Hamburg72/72
04-291 er tournoie eden de l AJHA [EDEN]F10800 Bucheres0/12
07-02La Malemoule Bash -- Acte II [WAoS]F69007 Lyon6/26
06-10Tournoi Waaagh taverne Star wars Armada de juin [SWA]F75006 Paris6/18
05-28Sortilèges Perpignan X-Wing Store Championship [XWING]F66330 Cabestany11/32
11-04Das Erwachen der Nacht - Episode IV [XWING]D42987 Remscheid-Lennep4/32
07-292. Würfelgötter AOS Turnier [WAoS]D45894 Gelsenkirchen10/24
04-291. Bad Wurzacher Kill-Team-Fun Turnier [W40K]D88410 Bad Wurzach1/8
06-15Happy Kadaver Turnier im AliBaba Spieleclub [XWING]D90403 Nürnberg1/18
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tec2017-03-15 17:26
T³ enforces secured connections

After some months of testing T³ is now enforcing all connections to go through secured https. Your browser should indicate this by showing a green and/or lock icon somewhere near the page's address. This way all your personal data, your logins and passwords are protected. We're enforcing modern standards which get us an A+ rating at SSL Labs. The downside is that some antique software cannot visit us anymore. You shouldn't use those anyway. Please report any issues you may encounter.

All unsecure http requests will automatically be redirected to https.
awd2017-03-02 17:10
Tournament Awards 2016

We just did some maths and updated the best tournaments of 2016 with their deserved awards. Congratulations to all the organizers (and to all who didn't got an award this time) for doing a great job most of them spending their free time just for the sake of having an awesome day or two.

To the hall of fame...
tec2017-02-14 15:31
IMPORTANT: T³ goes offline for server move - Update

To ensure the stability and reachability of T³ our technical partner is moving our server to a new data center. To complete this the server and therefore T³ has be shutdown from 15th February 22:00 until approximately 6:00 (CET). During these hours we'll be totally offline.

You can reach out on Facebook or Twitter to get updates.


* Website offline from 15th February 22:00 to 6:00 (CET) aka 4pm to 12am (EST).
* Watch Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Update: The move went fine. We're back online!
info2016-12-24 11:19
Happy Holidays!

We wish you, your friends and your families a Merry Christmas. Take a breath and relax during the holidays. We'll do this so please be a little bit more patient in the next week, if it take's us some more days to answer your mails and approve your requests.
info2016-08-08 15:32
Reduced support from 15th to 28th August

There'll be reduced support from 15th to 28th August due to vacation. We cannot check SEPA bank transfers in that time. Please use Paypal if you need a Premium account. Paypal will normally be handled automatically.

Please contact other admins than Blackhawk for your questions. Please be patient, if there's no other admin for your country available.
tec2016-04-25 15:59
Maintenance annoucement for April, 26th - Update 3

We're going to upgrade our server software tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th April). This will lead to several downtimes while the system updates. Will try to get back to normal as fast as possible.

Update: We're back online. Sorry for the downtime. Please report any issue you encounter to an admin.

Update 2: We had a little hickup on our international domain today (29th), but all should be back now.

Update 3: The over restrictive spam blocker for the mail contact form should also be back to normal.
anc2016-03-04 17:16
Reduced support until March, 15th

Due to vacation we have to annouce reduced support for D-A-CH and the US. In addtion bank transfers cannot be checked during this time. Please use Paypal if you need a Premium account. These payments are handled automatically in most cases. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
tnt2017-04-24 11:37
AFünftes Wulpertinger Infinity Turnier - Bewertung eröffnet

Die Bewertung ist eröffnet, bitte tragt Euch in der nächsten Zeit ein. Wir Wulpertinger freuen uns schon auf unser nächstes ITS-Turnier im Herbst. Die Anmeldung dazu wird wieder hier über T3 erfolgen.

Übrigens, im Mai startet die Wulpertinger-Infinity-Liga: Interessierte finden Infos dazu auf unserem Blog und im Wulpertingerforum (www.wulpertinger.at)
tnt2017-04-24 10:29
D5. PPBBAT - Teilnahmegebühr herabgesetzt.

Da wir nun, nach unserer Ansicht genug Gelände für 7 Tische angehäuft haben, können wir uns es leisten, Die Teilnahmegebühr von 10 € auf 5 € zu senken.

Die jetzt schon mehr überwiesen haben, bekommen den Rest zurück!
tnt2017-04-23 21:01
DStahl & Klauen LI - CID Turnier nach SR2017 Beta

Wichtige Info. Nach entsprechenden Rückfragen und wünschen wurde SR2016 durch die bisher releasten SR2017 Beta Regeln ersetzt.
tnt2017-04-23 19:35
CHX-Wing Turnier an den Luzerner Spieltagen 2017 - Anreise zum Turnier

Mit den vbl-Bussen erreicht man uns bequem in 15 Minuten ab dem Luzerner Bahnhof auf der Linie 8 («Würzenbachmatte») oder Linie 14 («Schlösslihalde»).
Parkiermöglichkeiten beim Spar (Würzenbachstrasse 17, 6006 Luzern).
siehe Karte:
tnt2017-04-23 18:21
DDas Sachsengeballa! - Bolt Action - No 03 - BAM Qualifikation

ich kann euch mitteilen das es sich bei diesem Turnier um ein BAM Qualifikations Turnier handelt.
MfG Frank.
tnt2017-04-22 21:39
DBaltic Cup Kiel IV - E-Mail und Adresse

Liebe Turnierfreunde,

wie es scheint stimmt etwas mit unserer hinterlegten E-Mail Adresse nicht. Sollte es Fragen geben sendet diese bitte an folgende Adresse:


Dieses Jahr wird das Turnier in einer neuen Location stattfinden. Die Adresse lautet:

Leibnizstraße 14, 24118 Kiel

Wir freuen uns darauf euch dort begrüßen zu dürfen!
Wir hier im Norden stecken in den letzten Vorbereitungen und freuen uns gemeinsam mit euch auf das größte Warhammer 40.000 Turnier Deutschlands!

Eure Baltic Cup Orga

Dear Tournamentparticipants!

It seems our current E-Mail Adress is not working. If you have any questions or requests please use the following adress:


Furthermore our tournament will be held in a different location this year. The adress is as follows:

Leibnizstraße 14, 24118 Kiel, Germany

We look forward to welcome you there.

Regards, your Baltic Cup Team
tnt2017-04-22 11:47
FSortilèges Perpignan X-Wing Store Championship - Reglement de Tournoi

Règlement de tournoi ajouté.
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