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12-04French Single Cup 2021/2022 : Finale [WAoS]F87000 Limoges30/32
12-04Les Malemouleux pour le Téléthon [WAoS]F69380 Lozanne50/144
12-04League Wars 2021/2022 - BIG 4 [W40K]F91000 Evry-Courcouronnes31/36
12-04League Wars 2021/2022 - Matchs Aller Ligue 3 Grand Est A [W40K]F57100 Thionville19/32
12-04League Wars 2021/2022 - Matchs Aller Ligue 3 Grand Est B [W40K]F57100 Thionville19/24
12-04Wargame79 - Friendly AoS Tournament #1 [WAoS]F79260 Sainte Neomaye14/14
12-04C3f'or fun & Noël [W40K]F42000 Saint Etienne29/32
02-06Star Wars Legion Tourney 2022 (800p) [SWL]CH8600 Dübendorf0/12
07-02Polish Team Championships [T9A]PL96-515 Paprotnia250
07-01Polish Team Championships side event [T9A]PL96-515 Paprotnia180
04-30Lemanic Waaagh #2 - solo 2000pts [W40K]CH1110 Morges0/50
03-19Cossacks Raid 4x 4500 team tournament [T9A]PL96-515 Paprotnia180
03-18Cossacks Raid 2022 - singles side event [T9A]PL96-515 Paprotnia180
02-26"First Battle" [T9A]H1091 Budapest1/18
The latest newsThe latest tournament news
awd2020-09-16 15:45
Tournament Awards 2019

Due to the current sitation and the impact on T³ it took some time to get back on board.

We're happy to finally annouce the best events from 2019.

To the awards...
info2020-07-07 17:23
Reduced German VAT

To alleviate the consequences of Corona, Germany has decided to reduce the value added tax for half a year. This should put a little more money into the wallets of the population.

After some back and forth and talking with our tax consultant, a small detail in the legal basis has the consequence that we will not change the tax shown on T³.

The T³ premium access is a service which will is fully provided at the end of the period. And exactly this end counts for the value added tax. Since all premium purchases will end after 31.12.2020, we are therefore not affected by the reduction if it is not extended.

As we are talking about about 70 cents, we have decided to credit this to your account and let all new premium accounts run one week longer for the same price.
info2020-06-24 16:33
June news summary

Sign of life

With the situation slowly relaxing, the first tournaments are going online again and we are bringing the support back up. During the last weeks we had to keep it on low flame, because more important things were pending and T³ effectively generated zero income. All open requests will be processed within the next 1-2 weeks. Nothing will remain unanswered.

Virtual tournaments

In the last weeks some tournaments have been held via TTS or Discord. We have just installed an update, so that these are marked as "online" on T³ as well. These events are excluded from the rankings. We had set this manually until now. Please contact an admin if you see a tournament that is not listed correctly or is unexpectedly ranked in the rankings.

Premium and cancelled tournaments

As promised, we are going to book some premium time on the accounts of all Corona sufferers for a certain time. There is no exact schedule for this yet.
anc2020-03-29 11:59
T³ and Covid-19

Dear valued tabletop community,

these are hard and sad times for the world, the community and each single person around. Our beloved hobby got hit hard and almost every planned event in the past and upcoming weeks got cancelled. Some requests may have taken a while due to inactive local admins, but we should now be through all of them. Please be patient on new requests as we have to manage work and family like everybody out there.

Although we'll have a small financial loss as most of you hesitate to go for Premium to set up new events due to the unforseen future, we don't want to profit from elapsing Premium accounts in the next months. So we'll grant every user, who was forced to cancel an event, some free Pemium time as soon as the dust has settled and we're back to normal.

So long. Stay safe. Stay health.
Matthias, for the T³ team
tec2019-08-20 16:23
No new Premium accounts until March, 1st - Update 2

Due to technical reasons we're currently not able to offer new Premium accounts until 1st September. You're able to create new events without the Premium state and those will be converted automatically as soon as you get a Premium account when our system is back. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: We have to rework our internal processes to prevent such issues from rising again. Therefore we have to stop offering new Premium accounts again. You have to wait until the 1st March.

Update 2: Orders can be placed again. Sorry for the trouble.
awd2019-04-12 15:18
Tournament Awards 2018

As a little pre-easter present we just dug up the tournament awards 2018:

To the awards...
tec2019-03-05 18:04
Scheduled maintenance on March 6th

We'll doing some maintenance work on March 6th. This can lead to short issues with the reachability. We'll try to keep the downtime as low as possible.
tnt2021-11-29 14:44

Bonjour à tous,

Le PASS sanitaire étant désormais valable jusqu'au 15 janvier, merci de bien vouloir prendre vos précautions (vaccin ou test -24h).

Pensez aussi à payer vos droits d'inscription sur le site HELLOASSO pour ceux qui ne l'aurait pas encore fait, sans quoi votre inscription ne pourra être validée :)

N'oubliez pas également d'envoyer vos listes lorsqu'elles seront prête (26 décembre 2021 dernier délai).

A + les wargamers !
tnt2021-11-26 09:30
D4. Sauerländer Wintersturm (40k) - Regelupdate

Nun, es hat ein wenig gedauert. Hierfür entschuldige ich mich.
Die Regeln für das Turnier sind jetzt online.
Bei Fragen könnt ihr euch gerne melden. Am Besten direkt bei MorTal.

Wir hoffen nun alle auf Besserung der Gesamtsituation im ganzen Land und auf ein schönes Turnier im Januar.

Soweit von mir.

Bleibt gesund und bis Bald
Bastian Jürgens
tnt2021-11-24 19:54
CHAge of Sigmar Unidé 2021 - Listes d'armée / Army Lists

Lien vers les listes d'armée dans le réglement (Déroulement)

Link toward army lists in the rules (Tournament Schedule and Scoring)
tnt2021-11-24 09:05
D2. Schlacht im Outer Rim - Covid-19 Maßnahmen

Für Veranstaltungen und Spiele im Outer Rim gilt absofort die 2G+ Regelung.
Denkt also bitte an euren negativen Schnelltest/PCR-Test auch wenn ihr bereits genesen oder geimpft seid :)
tnt2021-11-23 08:39
D3. Freistaat Schlacht - Age of Sigmar - Leider Absagen

An alle die auf der 3. Freistaat Schlacht dabei sind. Unser Turnier wird verschoben/Abgesagt durch wieder steigende Zahlen. Wir wollen nichts riskieren Gesundheitlich oder Rechtlich. Alle Teilnehmer bekommen ihre Gebühren wieder und trotzdem wünschen wir euch von den East Lions noch trotzdem ein schönes Jul Fest und bleibt gesund

Euer Orga Team der East Lions
tnt2021-11-22 20:17
FVolcano In Paris (V.I.P) - Compte rendu du tournoi

Voici le compte rendu du tournoi :

tnt2021-11-22 16:44
D1. CTC 40k Turnier - Absage durch Corona-Verordnung in Sachsen

Moin Leute,

ich mach es kurz und schmerzvoll: Leider müssen wir das Turnier absagen, da die Corona-Bestimmungen in Sachsen uns untersagen, die Veranstaltung durchzuführen.

Ich versuche bis Ende der Woche alle Startgebühren zurückzuzahlen. Wer am Anfang nächster Woche sein Geld noch nicht hat, bei mir Bitte melden.

Wir freuen uns eventuell dann im nächsten Jahr ein Turnier veranstalten dürfen.

Ansonsten: Bleibt Gesund!

Gruß Eure Orga
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